Zombie Hunter Apocalypse v2.3.4 Mod Apk with Money for Weapons and Uniforms


Zombie Hunter Apocalypse puts in post zombie apocalypse world where you have to survive zombie attack for as long as possible. That’s not it, difficult bit is to help others escape zombie hoards and for that you would need defensive gear as well as weapons. The game has been updated, you can now download and install Zombie Hunter Apocalypse v2.3.4 Mod Apk for Android here. This mod apk gives you money for unlocking advanced weapons to strike multiple zombies with one hit, also you get defensive gear that protects you from zombies bites.

After installing this Zombie Hunter Apocalypse 2.3.4 Apk Hack you will be able to advance quickly by clearing levels faster than other players in online mode. This also enables you to score maximum points to top leader-board.

Main Features:

Powerful and very wide arsenal: Sniper Rifles (Barret M82, M90, Dragunov…), Machine Guns, Assault Rifles (AK-47, M16…), rocket launchers, bazookas … and special weapons such as crossbows or futuristic snipers.
Upgrade your weapons to face more difficult zombies. Increase their power, range, firing rate… Boost your firepower and get through the zombie horde!
Try the bullet time to achieve headshots and be the best Zombie Hunter among your contacts.
Increase your level and your military rank and get access to more impressive weapons and gadgets.
Your wild dogs are hungry and don’t doubt to kill any zombie in their way, so let them go to the Zombie War.


Explore unique and original HELICOPTER MISSIONS, allowing you to fly over the zombie frontiers and to slaughter hordes of undead from above with the machine gun.
Special Event: BE A ZOMBIE! The roles have switched, you can now enjoy walking the darkened city streets as one of the undead. Leave the graveyard, create your zombie defense, trap the humans and feed on their juicy brains.

Create your own maps and challenges in the MISSION EDITOR, sync with Facebook, Google Plus or Google Play Games and share them with friends.

What’s New:

  • Mission editor! This mode has a incredible discount in this update! Create your own missions and share them among your friends!
  • New main interface, which includes our main character, Britney!
  • A news wall has been added to receive the latest news and rewards!
  • New packs has been created, with scandalous discounts and exclusive to zombie killers specialists!

Download and Install Zombie Hunter Apocalypse v2.3.4 Mod Apk:

1 – Download Latest Mod Apk file from the link below on Android device’s internal memory or external SD card. If you have downloaded the link on PC then connect mobile with computer via USB cable and copy the file on to the Android device.

2 – Backup and delete the previous version of the game.

3 – Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Resources option to manually install the game from external link.

4 – Find the mod apk file on Android device and tap on it to install the game.

5 – All done.

Zombie Hunter Apocalypse v2.3.4 Mod Apk: MOD

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