You Can Now Upload Panorama (360-Degree) Photos To Instagram, Here’s How


In a recent update, Instagram brought in a new feature that allows users to post multiple photos and videos in a single post. There is no built-in feature on Instagram that can be used to upload panoramic (360-degree) photos. However a new app has arrived on iOS app store that makes it possible to share panorama photos. New Panols and Swipeable apps for iPhone are free to download. Don’t worry, we are going to show you how to get Panols and Swipeable apps on iPhone to post 360-degree panorama photos on Instagram.

Thanks to Apple’s weekly app offers, you can download Panols and Swipeable for free through the Apple Store – install these apps before before they go back to original purchase value. Not many people know that Apple offers another way of installing apps and games for free. Apart from the App Store, you can download apps and games from official Apple App Store app. Today, Apple has put Panols for free download.


To give you another option, there is an app called Swipeable which also works like Panole to help users upload panoramic photos. With Swipeable you can take multiple images and post them as multiple photos in a carousel, creating an essentially a 360-degree image.

“Swipeable is meticulously tailor-made for Instagram users. Just pick up your panorama and the app does the rest. Its neat, simple and intuitive user interface navigates you in photo sharing. Swipeable automatically divides your panorama into square pieces. You will be able to share the photo with the coolest new Instagram feature – Multiple Photos. Apply a single filter on everything and a single caption and location as well as likes and comments will apply to the whole post. Friends can swipe back and forth to explore your journey.”

swipeable for iphone download

You can download Swipable Panorama for Instagram on the App Store here.


Panols for iPhone is another great app that you can download free through the App Store. It makes it easy to post panorama photos to Instagram. Download Panols from the link below, install it on your device, and use Panols to divide a panorama into three parts in a way it look like one seamless image on users’ timeline. After taking multiple photos, post those parts one by one using a new multiple photo upload feature of Instagram.

Panols allows photographers to share the panoramic photos taken with their iPhone, as well as other photos stored in their Photo Library, with Instagram users everywhere. The app takes the Panorama shots stored in the device’s Photo Library, and accurately splits the wide-shot into three separate shots, allowing users to take advantage of the Instagram profile display grid to showcase them in their full glory via the social network’s standard three-across display view.

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To download Panols app for iPhone, click on this link here to get it straight from the Apple App Store. Download it, launch the app, scroll down and tap on Discover section and follow on-screen instructions. Once more thing, this great app may not be free everywhere. Don’t be alarmed to see if the app is not available free on your country’s app store. Original purchase value is $1.99 but can be downloaded for free today through the App Store.

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