Xiaomi Mi Mix is a stunning 6.4-inch Bezel-less Display Smartphone – Here’s all You Need to Know about it.


The Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi might have taken the throne of the most innovative smartphone manufacturer of 2016 after the launch of its latest smartphone the Xiaomi Mi Mix. This new phone comes with a sharp 6.4-inch screen, and best of all it has a bezel-less display screen. Mi Mix brings an awesome 6.4-inch display screen without bezels, which is a dream come true for all those who like to watch movies, videos and content on smartphone. A 6.4-inch display may be a bit too large for some, but its bezel-less display that has a full HD support will surely impress the skeptics. See the images of the new device to believe it. Isn’t the new bezel-less display truly awesome.

Xiaomi has taken away the earpiece and Proximity sensor and replaced them with a new technology called piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology in order to cut the bezels from around the device. This bit of information was intended for all those who love their phone without bezels.

Bezel-less display means there is no normal front facing camera in the Xiaomi’s Mi Mix phone. It has been replaced with a smaller sized unit and repositioned to the bottom corner of the device to make way for a display screen without bezel.


Xiaomi’s Mi Mix has a 16 megapixel back-end main camera that is capable of taking high-resolution photos and even better quality videos. The phone has a Snapdragon 821 processor, which is capable of carrying out multiple tasks without lagging or handing. A 6GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage is more than enough for handling most modern day smartphone tasks. The device also houses a mammoth 4,400mAh battery. Apple is reportedly also working on a bezel-less iPhone 8, it the rumors are true, it has its work cut down to bear Xiaomi’s Mi Mix bezel-less display quality.

Xiaomi has announced that Mi Mix will be available for purchase from November 2016 in China. In terms of dollars, the price will start from $516 for base model, which is a bit expensive if you take into account prices of previous devices from Xiaomi. How it stacks up against iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge performance-wise, remains to be seen.

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