Xbox One X To Shatter Every Conceivable Sales Record At Launch, Samsung Bundle Offer and More

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Xbox One X, the most powerful gaming console on earth according to Microsoft, is available on pre-order – public release is scheduled for 7 November. The Redmond tech firm is predicting massive launch day sales record for the upcoming gaming console whose entire sales pitch is centered around the ‘Most Powerful Game Console Ever’ albeit severe lack of exclusive titles compared to PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro. To make up for the dearth of exclusive games for the Xbox One X, Microsoft is teaming up with Samsung to offer something attractive to lure those who are still on the fence as regards purchasing the next Xbox console due to a hefty price tag and few noticeable exclusive titles.

Aaron Greenberg, director marketing Xbox division, recently appeared on an exclusive broadcast on Mixer where he expressed his views about the company’s expectations regarding the Xbox One X sales, the road map his team is set to embark upon in the lead up to the eventual launch, and most surprising of all announcements that relates to Microsoft’s alliance with Samsung to offer the most power console along with QLED TV sets as promotion.

The director of marketing for Xbox at Microsoft invited people to book pre-orders as soon as possible because the company’s forecast suggests that the Xbox One X is on course to run out of stock at launch. After which it will be a few weeks, and even months in some countries, before the console will be restocked.

Xbox One X is perhaps the first console launch from Microsoft that will be accompanied by a whole range of supported services and new features, unlike anything seen in previous launches of the Xbox console. To this effect, Aaron said that the Xbox team is fully charged for the busy period leading up to the launch. He further elaborated that the team members are motivated to ensure smooth roll out of the Xbox One X console across the globe. The challenge will be tougher this time around because the company has new games, Xbox Live services and accessories, broadcasts and other services that has to be aligned and seamlessly linked to all new consoles that will be activated after the purchase.

In the end, Greenberg pointed to a recent deal struck between his company and Samsung in which the South Korean firm will help promote the new Xbox One X console in all places where it has presence, including announcements, commercials, and other media promotions.

According to this deal, Samsung will recommend the customers of its 4K TVs to purchase Xbox One X for best gaming experience. The director also said that both companies are working in close coordination to make sure their products are fully optimized for best 4K experience.

Similarly, Xbox sales teams around the world will recommend Samsung QLED TVs as the best option for the Xbox One X 4K gaming; to further cement the alliance, console’s test stations at the PAX West 2017 will include Samsung’s TVs for demonstration purposes.

Xbox One X will be released on November 7, 2017, initially in selected markets with full global roll out to follow suit.

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