Xbox One Mid-Cycle Upgrade Named Xbox Scorpio Coming Soon

xbox scorpio announced officially

Microsoft is poised to release a refresh of its hugely popular Xbox One gaming console hot on the heels of Sony’s release of the PlayStation Pro a few months ago. Microsoft is naming the new spruced up console, the Xbox Scorpio.

The announcement was made by Microsoft’s head of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, who took to his Twitter to heighten the expectation levels further for the soon-to-be-released Xbox Scorpio.

As is wont with Microsoft, the company releases mid-cycle refresh for its Xbox gaming console with beefed up hardware specs to keep it in-line with the advancements in gaming and graphics technology. Previous reports in the gaming circles already divulged that the company is in the middle of preparing the upgraded model of Xbox One console, which will be available for purchase in 2017.

Although the information regarding the exact launch date is rather murky at the moment, but judging from the past release record of Xbox consoles, we can predict that Xbox Scorpio may well hit the shelves in the back end of 2017 just in time for the Christmas holiday season.

Here’s what Greenberg tweeted the other day:

Microsoft announced the Xbox Scorpio during the E3 press conference last year. As the marketing campaign of upcoming Xbox Scorpio progresses, it became more and more clear that the console will be a beast in terms of hardware specs. Microsoft, unlike Sony which markets PlayStation as a purely gaming device, has always marketed Xbox consoles as an entertainment device rather than out and out gaming platform. Since the entertainment business in moving towards 4K and higher technology, along with the next generation Virtual Reality content being produced with a rapid rate, it’s important that the next Xbox Scorpio console sports hardware capable enough to handle gaming and multimedia content. Perhaps that’s why the term “beast” is being constantly thrown around during the build up of the Xbox Scorpio.

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox division chief at Microsoft, the Xbox Scorpio will be the “most powerful console ever made”, which will be capable of handling native 4K gaming without any exception.

Here’s the Xbox Scorpio trailer released by Microsoft:

Only time will tell whether the Xbox Scorpio delivers on the promise. We will keep you posted on all the latest developments regarding the Xbox Scorpio, so stay tuned.

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