Windows Surface Phone Screenshots Leak With 3D Recording Feature


Microsoft is getting ready to start its second innings in Mobile market with the upcoming Windows 10 Surface Phone as the latest leak gives a glimpse of the features that are expected to arrive in the new smartphone. This time the Redmond tech giant is launching its Windows 10 Mobile with beefed up specs in consonance with prevalent trends in modern mobile phone industry. New leak information hints that Microsoft’s Windows 10 powered Surface Phone will be capable of recording 3D content along with a host of new updated features.

Microsoft it appears has learnt its lesson from the flaws that played a part in its previous Windows 10 running Lumia devices getting panned by critics and resulting poor sales. This latest rumor round provides a much clearer picture as to the features that we can expect in Microsoft Surface Phone. The phone hasn’t received much media attention mainly because of the uncertainty surrounding the whole project.

We have heard tidbit of information regarding forthcoming features in the Windows 10 Surface Phone. From what little we have heard so far related to Windows Mobile, it appears Microsoft is committed to carry on with the already charted approach for its mobile devices. Recently, screenshots of features of the Windows 10 Phone surfaced on the internet, you can see them in the images we have shared in this post. Now some more information has been leaked about the device. Let’s dissect the rumors further.

Windows 10 Mobile Screenshots Leaked Show Microsoft Surface Phone Features

Windows Phones have been Microsoft’s Achilles heel. The company failed miserably to make its mark in the previous foray into the smartphone market with Nokia branded Lumia phones. Such was the extent of the loss incurred as a result of below par Nokia Lumia devices that it prompted Microsoft to write off Nokia with losses in billions. This time Microsoft looks adamant to right the wrong in the form of its much anticipated Surface Mobile devices.

If the leak information is to be believed, we can say Windows 10 running Surface Phone could herald much needed return to profitability for Microsoft in smartphone market. Microsoft has shown that it’s capable of designing and producing quality hardware products with the Surface Pro and Surface Book devices that were launched recently and are in high demand these days. The Surface Phone can keep this trend going for the Redmond giant.

Today, some screenshots of the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile were leaked and we managed to grab them for your viewing pleasure. The image of the leaked screenshot that can be seen below show some features that will be incorporated in the upcoming Surface Phone. We can see in screenshots that the device will support Web payments as well as View 3D.

Microsoft is bringing Microsoft Wallet Service to Windows 10 mobile in the form of Web Payments. Once your financial information is enter into the Wallet Service, you will be able to make payments across retailers using the Surface Phone. Moreover, there is another new features named Reading List, which allows you to save notes and articles to read later in spare time.

As far as the Settings app is concerned, Microsoft has revamped the app’s interface to ensure easy to navigate options for reaching different settings quickly. The View 3D feature is also coming in Windows Surface Phone that will allow users to view content in 3D. Furthermore, you will be able to record in 3D with the Surface Phone, if this turns out to be the case, it will be truly something worth trying.

It is also being reported that the Surface Phone could feature x86 compatibility along with Continuum. This will lend the device all the processor power needed to execute graphics intensive apps, games, videos, and recording giving the device a competitive edge over many other flagships. Snapdragon 835 processor will ensure that the device doesn’t lag in terms of performance.

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