Windows 10 Redstone 2 Getting Quicker Messaging and Blue Light Features

Windows 10 Redstone 2 update may come with two new features: first one could be a quicker message feature called People Bar which allows users to quickly respond to messages straight from the task bar, and the second one is the night mode feature which is termed Blue Light by Microsoft. Redstone 2 is the new major upcoming Windows 10 update that Microsoft has planned for PC and Mobile users. According to latest reports, two new features a night mode called ‘Blue Light’ and a quick tasks bar messaging feature called ‘People Bar’ are being made the part of soon to be released Redstone 2 update.

Redstone 2 update is still in its early stages of development but Microsoft has released a few previews that don’t contain any major changes so far. Reason behind this slow progress could be as the company is working on code restructuring to get the operating system ready to start adding new features.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is working on two new features: “People Bar” and “Blue Light” with some new visual changes.

People Bar

People Bar is a new feature that shows profile images as circular icons of recently active contacts on the system tray in the taskbar. Our guess is this feature will become part of Microsoft’s stock apps such as Skype or GroupMe which will allow users the ability to click on the icon to send quick message replies.


Microsoft did plan to include People Bar with the first release of Windows 10 last year but for some reason the plan was pushed back. But we may soon see this feature come with the new Redstone 2 update.

Blue Light

Microsoft is reportedly working on a night mode feature for the Redstone 2 update. This feature resembles Apple’s Night Shift and Android’s Night mode. Night mode feature is called ‘Blue Light’ using which you can adjust the display tone and color based on the time of the day or light situation around to reduce eye strain.


This feature is being called ‘Blue Light’ because it reduces the blue contrast saturation emitted by PC display.

Since these features are still in the early development stages, there is every chance they could change in future updates. Similarly, names of ‘Blue Light’ and ‘People Bar’ feature could also change in future.


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