Windows 10 Project NEON Leaked Screenshots And Details

windows 10 project neon screenshots leaked

Microsoft is giving final touches to its next major Windows 10 Creators Update that is slated for release around April of this year. Currently, Windows 10 Creators update is in its beta testing phase. However, there are some features that will eventually become a part of the Windows 10 experience much later into the future. Here are the leaked images and information about on such feature that Microsoft is planning to release later in the year for Windows 10 running devices.

We have already heard some news regarding the Project NEON circulating on the web for quite some time now. MSPoweruser has come forward with latest interesting tidbit on the issue with leaked screenshots and project details that will surely attract Windows users. Don’t expect a completely reworked Windows 10 interface design in Project NEON as it’s mostly related to some quintessential design changes to the UI on top the Windows interface.

As you can see in the leaked screenshots, Microsoft is trying to compose a streamlined language for the Windows running devices and at the same time attempting to incorporate familiar Aero aesthetics that have been a success in the past.

Microsoft is introducing a new component called “Acrylic” to the Windows 10 design, which is essentially blur in the background, sidebar or the navigation of the app. These are known as “Side-Nav Acrylic”, “Background Acrylic” and “In-App Acrylic” respectively.

project neon screenshots and features leaked

The company is trying the acrylic metaphor into its third-party apps that are ready for using in Project NEON to get it program ready for Windows devices as soon as possible. Users of Windows Insider Builds can check the connected animations related to images that resize with location based scrolling page of content.

Not much is known as to when we will be able to use fully ready version of Project NEON on Windows 10 devices. But, since Windows 10 Creators is already nearing its completion stages, we are guessing Project NEON will be released for public in Windows 10 update much later in the year. As its still under developers, certain changes in the UI can’t be ruled out either.


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