Windows 10 Game Mode To Support Xbox One And Xbox Scorpio Games

windows 10 game mode to be limited to uwp

Earlier we posted in an article that Windows 10 Game Mode will feature in the next major Windows 10 update named the Creators Update by Microsoft. Although, Microsoft has planned to announce the Game Mode feature later, but a leaked Windows 10 Build 14997 gave us a first glimpse of the upcoming Game Mode feature of Windows 10 Creators update due to be released in Spring 2017.

The Windows 10 Game Mode is expected to improve the game performance on PC desktop and laptop to closely align it with the Xbox console experience. Nothing much is known about the matter at present, but recently an interesting news appeared online regarding Windows 10 Game Mode and what it could have in store for us in terms of game support.

Recent report by Windows Central stated that beside improving the gaming experience on Windows 10 OS, the new Game Mode will also provide better gaming functionality on Xbox One and even on the yet to be released Xbox Scorpio.

Game Mode, it appears, is a feature that streamlines variations between Xbox consoles and PCs, making sure as many Windows 10 systems as possible can run games to the standards set by the Xbox One and Project Scorpio. Microsoft describes those “target” standards as 900p to 1080p resolution for Xbox One and 4K resolution with 60 frames per second for Project Scorpio, and we’ve received evidence to suggest that the Xbox One already utilizes Game Mode to achieve its targets.

Probably, the Game Mode saw the light of the day last summer only on Xbox One dev kits with an aim to help developers in designing games with the best possible Xbox One resolution levels. We saw the effects of this in the Battlefield 1, which runs on the same basic engine but with better graphics.

However, reports are rife that the Game Mode will only support Universal Windows Platform Games. Microsoft’s policy requires developers to create games for Windows 10, Xbox One, and upcoming Xbox Scorpio that are compatible with Universal Windows Apps. This also makes it easier for developers to create games for upcoming Xbox Scorpio by bringing minimal changes in the game coding.

This means that developers using Game Mode enabled UWP today to build games for Xbox One at 900-1080p and up to 4K for Windows 10 PCs are ready to deploy those games for Project Scorpio, with over 95% of the existing project code intact. This could explain why we’re already seeing major players jump on the UWA-train, with Resident Evil 7 set for a Windows 10 Store debut on January 24th, 2017. If it is a Game Mode enabled UWA, Resident Evil 7 is ready for true 4K on Project Scorpio as a result, unpacking its 4K PC textures and settings when it installs on the console.

Microsoft hasn’t officially released any information regarding the Windows 10 Game Mode as of yet, therefore it will be premature to arrive at any definitive conclude on the matter. But if recent reports are to be believed, we can be hopeful that the alleged Windows 10 Game Mode would bring a new revolution in Windows 10 or PC gaming for that matter.

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