Windows 10 Fall Creators Update To Feature Improved Game Mode For Maximum Power Utilization

windows 10 fall creators update game mode

Microsoft’s previous major Windows 10 Creators Update gave us a taste of the new game mode that included capabilities to enhance gaming experience on computer desktops, laptops and tablets. According to new information, the game mode in the upcoming Win 10 Fall Creators Update is getting further improvements that will unpack full processing power of the device during gaming sessions. This new processing power management of the game mode will bring PC gaming experience on par with the consoles as far as utilizing the maximum processing potential of the device is concerned.

Windows 10’s game mode is compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles. And just like on the consoles, the PC version of the game mode has been improved to ensure better resource allocation towards game processes for consistent performance.

Although Microsoft marketed Game Mode as something revolutionary in PC gaming but it failed to live up to expectations due to some glaring omissions. Many users opted to leave Game Mode complete off most of the time.

That prompted Microsoft to do something about the whole Game Mode functionality issue. The company started pushing improved Game Mode in the Fall Creators Update insider preview builds for testing purposes before the full public release next month.

The Redmond software giant issued a press release the other day in which it announced that the new and improved Game Mode will feature in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, due for release on 17 October.

The fuel that often inspires creativity is play. With the Fall Creators Update, we’ve updated Game Mode, which allows your games to use the full processing power of your device as if it was an Xbox game console, right from a new button on the Game bar. And to take advantage of this power, we have a fantastic lineup of Xbox Play Anywhere games coming including, Cuphead, Forza Motorsport 7, Super Lucky’s Tale and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Things are looking bright on the Game Mode front amid all the hullabaloo surrounding the recent announcement. Of course, we will have to wait until the official update release to see how much better the revamped Game Mode actually performs.

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