Windows 10 Fall Creators Update New Features For PC & Mobile


Microsoft has announced that the next major Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will bring a whole range of new features, changes to the UI, and much more. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fall Creators Update’s upcoming features for Windows 10 PC and Mobile devices. Codenamed Windows 10 Redstone 3, this update includes new Project Neon design – now renamed to the Microsoft Fluent Design System.

At Build 2017 conference, Microsoft finally confirmed the official title of the next major update which will be known as Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. This Fall update is scheduled for September release. Microsoft is just adding Fall to the update’s title instead of giving it an entirely new name mainly because the Redmond software giant said that the update’s features are designed to boost creativity on Windows 10 devices, hence the name Creators Update.

The Fall Creators Update will be the fourth major Windows 10 update since its release a few years ago. For the first time on Windows 10 this new update will bring new functions and features to integrate iOS and Android devices. Microsoft is also working on adding iOS and Android app designing support in the Fall update, that means iOS and Android developers will be able to design applications for their respective platforms using a Windows 10 device.

Microsoft showed off new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update features along with new Windows Store apps, developer tools, mixed reality motion controller, and more during the Build developer conference in Seattle.

New Features of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Story Remix

Story Remix is a new Windows 10 app that will be available for download from the Windows Store. It works like Windows Movie Maker to enable users to easily create customized videos of photos and other videos.

This new app has its own AI and machine learning capabilities that identifies relevant content and assembles it to create videos with themes, soundtracks and animations. You will be allowed to edit videos.

There are options to bring features from other apps such as Remix 3D and Paint 3D into your videos created via Story Remix to add 3D animations and movie like effects. You can also pin objects, draw into scenes, similar to Snapchat’s augmented reality lenses.

Microsoft Fluent Design System

In the next Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, perhaps the biggest change is coming in the form of a new design language dubbed as ‘Fluent Design System” (previous known as Project Neon). According to Microsoft, this new design language has been baked into the operating system and apps to facilitate intelligence-based, smooth experience, and comprehensive interaction across multiple devices.

In simple words, starting from Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Windows 10 apps will look better with blur, translucent, and animated effects.


Cortana intelligence gathering system receives improvements that will make the virtual assistant experience more streamlined across devices, including Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Mixed Reality

Microsoft also committed that immediately after the release of the Fall Creators Update, users will be able to purchase affordable Windows Mixed Reality Headsets manufactured by partners like Asus and Acer.

Moreover, new motion controller will also be shipped that offer new experience without markers. It means that controllers can be used as a standalone device, you won’t be required to install sensors around the wall to use Windows Mixed Reality.

Acer has already promised that its Windows Mixed Reality headset will be ready by the holiday season for $400.

OneDrive File On Demand

Next major Windows 10 update will include placeholders to OneDrive, which was taken away in previous updates but is now making a welcoming return only this time under the ‘OneDrive File on Demand’ name. This allows for easily accessing the cloud documents and files without having to download them on computer. Furthermore, OneDrive will be smarter than before as it will be capable of predicting files you’re going to need, and it will download them automatically on your PC.

Microsoft Graph

Nowadays many carry multiple digital devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptop, etc., and Microsoft has acknowledged this shift in user habits by adding a new Microsoft Graph feature in Windows 10 that will make sure the OS works seamlessly with devices running other platforms. This change will work with new features like Timeline to start from where left off, OneDrive on Demand, Clipboard and other Windows tools by bringing multiple devices together using Microsoft Graph.


Finally, after much delay, Microsoft is expected to bring long awaited cloud-powered Clipboard in the Fall Creators Update. This new Clipboard enhancement makes it convenient to copy and paste texts, graphs, charts, drawings, images, and more from one device to another. For instance, you can copy text from Clipboard on PC and paste it to mobile with this new cloud based Clipboard tool.

Windows Store

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will come with new apps, including support for iTunes, iPhone and other Apple devices on any version of Windows 10 and Windows 10 S.

Autodesk is bringing Stingray 3D game engine and real-time rendering software to the Windows Store, which will also support Windows Mixed Reality feature. SAP is introducing its SAP Digital Boardroom app to the Windows Store.


The Taskbar Task View is referred to as Timeline in the Fall Creators Update. This new feature shows tasks already in progress or being worked on previously and pick up that file, app, or webpage in real-time, so that you don’t have to reopen or redo whatever was being done in those tasks.

Windows Linux

Windows 10 already supports Bash on Ubuntu, the Fall Creators Update will feature SUSE Linux and Fedora Linux, available for download from the Windows Store.

Wrap Up

So these were the main new changes and features that Microsoft is currently working to bring in the next major Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The company hasn’t announced the release date yet, but we think it will be around September time. Do share your thoughts on these new features in the comments section below.

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