Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16199 For PC & Mobile Released With New Features


Here’s what you need to know about all the changes brought in My People, Settings, call notifications, and other Windows 10 features with the Fall Creators Update Build 16199 for PC and mobile devices.

Windows 10 build 16199 is out for those enrolled with the insider update program. PC users in the Fast ring can download the new build 16199. This update is a continuation of the Fall Creators Update (previously known as Redstone 3) feature testing to weed out bugs and errors before final public release later this year. This flight comes with new features and improvements over the previous Build 16193 for PCs on the Fast Ring.

According to Microsoft, this new Windows 10 build 16199 has new improvements, emojis, notifications badging, new file sharing feature in My People. The Settings app now has help videos and gaming options as well. You can now also delete files in the Download folder that have been in there for the last month or so. New incoming call notification is also a slick new addition.

Beside these new features, the build 16199 also feature usual bug fixes, known issues and new improvements.

Windows 10 Build 16199 New Features:

Settings App

Settings app has received some new features in the build 16199 for Windows 10 PC on Fast Ring.

Go to Settings > Gaming > Broadcasting and select ‘Per app audio’ which will broadcast game audio only to Beam instead of the audio for the entire PC.

Audio settings page has been renamed to the Game DVR, which is located just under the Game bar settings. All Game DVR settings can now be accessed under Game DVR as it has been removed from its previous location in the general gaming settings page.

Go to Settings > System > About where you will be able to see system health as the System Health has been linked to this page along with the Windows Defender Security Center.

settings system health

Windows 10 Settings app now includes help videos and tips to allow users better understand various options. For now, only a handful of videos are available with more to be added soon. You can access them from Settings > Easy of Access or Settings > Update & security.

settings tips and videos windows 10

Starting from the build 16199, Windows 10 allows you to automatically delete files that have not been changed in the system’s Download folder for the past 30 days. For that, go to Settings > System > Storage Sense and click on the ‘Change how we free up space’ option. Its a useful new feature that prevents unnecessary files from taking hard disk space.

download folder storage sense option windows 10


If you own an Android device you can now have Cortana display cross device incoming call notifications. You can do so by installing the Cortana app on your phone and head over to Settings > Sync notifications and enable all the Cortana cross-device feature. When done, when you receive a call you will see a notification on your PC Windows showing name of the caller along with options to either reply or decline a call.

cortana call notification

My People

My People feature also gets many new improvements in the build 16199 Windows 10 update. When emoji is received from a pinned contact, you will be able to watch them animate from the taskbar.

my people badging windows 10

You will now see a badge counter for all unread messages from contacts pinned to the taskbar. It gives a quick way to see all missed messages and communication with the pinned contacts.

In build 16199, My People gets two ways to share files. You can choose to either drag and drop files directly onto the contacts pinned to the taskbar to open an email, or directly share files to your contacts using the share picker by choosing from a list of recommended people to email.


In Windows 10 Build 16199, you can press Caps Lock + E + E while the narrator is running to launch the Feedback Hub.

Other Improvements

Windows Defender Security Center gets an important update with the fix to disabled drivers issue which appeared without any reason. Health scan login has been readjusted to make sure that the warning flag doesn’t pop-up when your device is connected to AC power source with maximum brightness. The Note button has been removed from the action center due to its low usage.

Wrap Up

You can find out complete detail of every feature, improvements, known issues and fixes in the build 16199 at the official Microsoft blog.

Those registered with the Windows 10 Insider Program Fast Ring should have received the update notification by now. Or else you can go to Settings > Update & security > Windows update and click the Check for updates button. To enroll your device for Windows 10 Insider Preview Update, check out this link on how to register yourself in the Insider Preview program.

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