Windows 10 Creators Update Won’t Allow App Installation From Outside Windows Store


Microsoft is going down the Apple route with this one because starting from Windows 10 Creators Update users won’t be able to install apps that are not from the Windows Store. The Creators Update, which is expected to roll out in April, is the first major Windows 10 update since last year’s Anniversary update.

Microsoft Will Let Users Choose To Block App Installation From Sources Other Than The Windows Store Starting From The Creators Update

Although we are not expecting any major design or UI changes in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, but it does include lots of improvements and new features when it comes to Windows 10 and PC gaming. Some reports are emerging with claims that Microsoft is bringing some last minutes changes in the next major Windows 10 update related to the way users can download apps on their devices.

According to reports, Windows 10 Creators Update will include a feature that is designed to prevent the installation of Win32 apps. MSPU in its latest report has shared its views on the new prospected change by stating that “a new feature which will allow Windows 10 users to only install apps from the Windows Store”. This new feature is currently under testing as a part of the Windows 10 Insider Preview Update before being offered in the final public release version of the Creators Update next month.

Those who are registered with Windows 10 Insider Preview Program, can start accessing this new feature starting from the Windows 10 Preview Build 15042. Users need to manually activate this new feature as it’s disabled by default.

After enabling this feature, you allow Windows 10 device to block any unauthorized user from installing apps from untrusted source via external links. Which is a good move as it will prevent malicious desktop apps from installing on your device if someone tries to install such applications from dubious links other the ones recommended by Microsoft on its Windows Store.

When this feature is enabled and someone tries to install a Win32 app, it will show a pop-up message on the screen mentioning that the app you are installing isn’t from the Windows Store.

There are two new settings accompanying this new feature – you can opt to completely block the installation of all Win32 apps, or you can select the option to install them by clicking on the install anyway button on the pop-up box.

This new feature smacks of the rumored Windows 10 Cloud in the way it works on computer, laptop and tablet devices. But nothing is confirmed as of yet as to how the new feature will be implemented. We are still waiting the for official announcement by Microsoft in this regard. As soon as more is known on the matter, you will get to know about it here.

At present, it can’t be said with surety whether this third-party apps installation from outside the Windows Store will remain in user control, or whether Microsoft decides to take the option away to force users to install apps and games from Windows Store only. Unsigned apps are prone to errors and carry malicious bugs that can cause performance issues on Windows 10 devices. By allowing users to control this on Windows 10, Microsoft is taking a giant step towards improving security of the Windows running devices. What are your views on the matter? Share in the comments section below.

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