Why iOS 11 WiFi & Bluetooth Automatically Enables / Always On? Here Are The Details

wifi and bluetooth toggle turns on by iteself on ios 11

You have just upgraded to iOS 11, right? Only to find something peculiar with the way WiFi and Bluetooth behave on the new mobile OS from Apple. We are talking about iOS 11 WiFi and Bluetooth always on or enables automatically whenever you unlock an iOS 11 device. Here’s how to fix WiFi / Bluetooth Always On issue on iPhone or iPad. Also find out what are Apple’s reasons behind this change.

It’s been a few days since Apple pushed full version of iOS 11 operating system for general public all around the world. Millions have updated their iPhone and iPad devices onto the new OS. People are still getting used to the visual changes in style, fonts, and UI of the iOS. Beside tweaks in the aesthetics, the newly updated iOS version also brings changes to the functionality of some of the commonly used features of the operating system. But there have been some changes that are rankling even the most ardent Apple fans.

Arguably the biggest controversial issue in iOS 11 is not some bug, error, or failing to work properly, but an intentional change in the way an existing feature works. If you have heard people complaining about the Control Center toggle for WiFi and Bluetooth keep getting enabled on their own despite being turned off by users, then you have heard it right. They do not disable by simply tapping the WiFi and Bluetooth toggles off in the Control Center. It is because Apple likes them to work this way on iOS 11. There is nothing anyone can do about this issue other than accept it and get used to this new change.

It has to be said the new behavior is not convenient by any means. Apple has its own reasons behind this change in the functioning of WiFi and Bluetooth toggle on Control Center. In previous iOS versions, toggling off WiFi or Bluetooth from Control Center would turn off their respective radios. But in this year’s big iOS update, turning the WiFi / Bluetooth toggles OFF only disconnect that device from the WiFi network or Bluetooth connected at the time. It doesn’t turn off WiFi / Bluetooth radio. Apple says this is how most people used these buttons for anyway, hence this new change in the way they behave in iOS 11. Get it?

ios 11 wifi and bluetooth toggle always on issue

The issue created more fuss from the fact that Apple didn’t bother to inform anyone about this change. So when the WiFi toggle is turned off from the Control Center it shows a message saying you have been disconnected from whichever network was connected at the time. This added to the ambiguity as many assumed from this message that the WiFi is completely off on their device. Apple could have made it less confusing by including some sort of clear cut message when users invoke the Control Center for the first time post iOS 11 update.

This has attracted fierce criticism from analysts, users and researchers who are concerned that leaving WiFi and Bluetooth radios enabled on an iOS 11 device would offer a better opening to hacker for sending malicious malware and viruses to an iPhone or iPad through always-on radio antennas. So if this development is really worrying you, then read the next few lines as they contain useful information on this matter.

Completely disabling WiFi or Bluetooth now requires heading over to the Settings app, like on iOS iterations before iOS 7 where both radio antennas could be turned off at will. It may require a few extra taps on the screen than before but the option to switch off WiFi and Bluetooth radios is still there. You can also use 3D Touch on the shortcuts of these functions in the Control Center to disable them in a flash.

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