Verizon Unlimited Plan Announced, Here’s What You Need To Know


US mobile network carrier Verizon has announced that the company is starting a new Unlimited plan for its customers. The Verizon Unlimited Plan carries interesting features that has managed to attract the attention of millions of Verizon and other mobile network users. Verizon made the unlimited plan public on its website along with the instructions on how users will be able to take advantage of it. Let’s examine the salient features of the plan and see if they are worth the money spend on the plan.

Verizon Announces A New Network Plan With Unlimited Service

This new mobile plan by Verizon is designed to bring unlimited service bundle across all current packages with the focus on the Unlimited palpable in the title of the plan. Verizon intends to offer unlimited voice calls, text, and mobile data plan with this Unlimited plan. New package plans are available for users in the US, Mexico and Canada. It’s not clear weather Verizon will expand the offering to other countries or regions.

Now, let’s check out the main features of this Verizon Unlimited Plan to give you a better idea of what’s included in the package. See what’s part of the package and if it’s what you have been looking for in a mobile package.

  • As the name of the package implies, you will get unlimited mobile data in Verizon Unlimited Package. Included in the unlimited mobile data are the unlimited voice service, unlimited texts, unlimited mobile data for browsing the internet. All these are available to US users.
  • You can also use voice and text messaging features of the unlimited package to communicate with users in Mexico and Canada. While the unlimited data plan for Mexico and Canada works only in those two countries.
  • The Verizon unlimited plan also allows users to use mobile tethering, which let’s you create an internet hotspot for sharing internet with friends and nearby users.
  • Lastly, this offer will enable users to watch and stream videos in full HD quality, which is a significant improvement over the 420p video cap other carriers put on for watch videos on mobile data.

These unlimited data plans will come in two types depending on the services they provide to users. The Verizon Unlimited Plan comes in two types:

Single Line > This plan gives users line access along with an ability to add up to two devices such as a mobile, tablet or smartwatch. If you want to avail only the line access offer, you need to pay $5 extra, but additional device support feature will set you back further $20. Moreover, you can save up to $5 on the main plan if you are using Auto Pay and paperless billing.

Multi Line > This plan start from $100 with an option to add up to 10 devices per line. But if you want to add more than 10 devices, you need to pay extra $20 to get line support for up to 20 devices. Also note that the $100 price is limited to those who are using paperless billing and Auto Pay, which can also save you further 10 bucks a month.

Wrap Up

Unlimited data plans are rising in popularity thanks to online video and music streaming apps and services as it frees users from the worry of running on of limited data while consuming content on their mobile devices while also avoiding extra charges incurred for going over the allotted data limit.

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