Update Sideloaded Android Apps – [Guide]


We’ve already discussed earlier how to sideload mods, custom roms, recoveries and more on Android. In this guide lets move on to the next steps, i.e., how to update sideloaded Android apps. Android is the most used mobile firmware in the world because of the endless possibilities if offers for tweaking and customize Android devices. Android allows you to change themes, mods, kernels, ROMs and even install multiple booting option to use two OS types side by side on a single device. Android allows you to download apps two ways: first via official OTA update from Google Play Store, and other via APK (Android Application Package) for manually updating apps when you want. APK install method allows you to skip OTA apps updates which don’t like and install the one with the feature you like manually. These apps are known as sideloaded Android app.

You can find sideloaded Android applications on Google Play Store. To use them you need to first download their APK from the internet and manually install them. One you’ve finished sideloading Android apps, the question arises how to update sideloaded Android app since they can’t be updated via normal OTA update method from Google Play Store to get latest features enabled on your device for that particular app.

You cannot update sideloaded Android apps directly from Google Play Store like any other app is because Play Sore doesn’t host sideloaded apps. Until now to update sideloaded Android apps, you had to first delete the current one, download the updated version of the sideloaded app with new features and install it all over again manually. But this method deleted all previously saved app settings and data forcing you to start all over again.

However, this scenario has changed, you no longer have to manually update sideloaded Android apps. And the reason for it the new APK Updater app that sends immediate notification the moment sideloaded Android app get an update. APK Updater automatically fetches updates from APK Pure, APK Mirror, for some sideloaded apps even from Google Play Store updates for Sideloaded Android apps. Here’s how to get APK Updater and use it to update sideloaded Android apps.

How To Update Sideloaded Android Apps: 

1 – Download APK Updater app from the link below.

2 – Make sure Unknown Sources option is enabled. For that, go to Settings > Security.

3 – Install APK Updater app and open it.

4 – In the APK Updater app, tap on the gear icon on the top-right corner of the app interface.

5 – Enable ‘Skip experimental build’ option by check the option box next to it. After this, only full update version will be installed, skipping unstable alpha and beta app updates.

6 – Also, enable the ‘check for updates’ option and select the time interval during which you wish to check for Sideloaded Apps updates.

7 – That’s all.

Now APK updater will automatically check for latest available updates of Sideloaded Android apps. As soon as an update comes along, APK updater will send an instant notification to inform you. Tap on the notification to download latest update for Sideloaded Android app. Select the app you want to update after which you will see a new page from where you can download APK update and install to get the latest version of Sideloaded Android apps.

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