Top 5 Best Ways To Save Storage Space on iOS 11 Devices

top 5 ways to save storage on iOS 11 devices

In iOS 11, there are a number of ways you can use to get, recovery and save storage space on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device. Here are the best ways to save and recover storage space on iOS 11 devices.

Latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system has landed for all compatible devices across the globe. The first ever full version public release of the iOS 11 firmware brings whole host of new features and improvements to the functionality of the iPhone and iPad OS. If you haven’t, here is how to properly download and install iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to avoid errors during the set up process and prevent performance issues later on.

iOS 11 offers five different ways to save storage space. Some of the iPhone and iPad storage saving features mentioned below are exclusive only to iOS 11. Convenience of recovering storage space is one of the biggest reasons to upgrade your devices to iOS 11 right now. There is not one but five reasons to install Apple’s latest mobile operating system without any further delay.

Best Ways to Recover & Save Storage Space on iOS 11 [iPhone / iPad]

Here are the five reasons iOS 11 is a better option if you want to prevent your iPhone or iPad from running low on storage memory for installing new apps, games, files, data, and more.

iOS 11 is better optimized: You must have noticed that Apple improves storage management system with each new iOS update, especially in recent years. Performing a clean iOS installation or OTA update releases storage space previously help up by junk and hidden files on iPhone and iPad. New iOS 11 is designed keeping storage space in consideration. As iOS 11 beta update during the testing phases clearly showed that sometimes users got back up to 1 GB of space on their devices. Of course the amount of storage space recovery depends on the device’s capacity. I got back up to 2.5 GB of free storage after upgrading to iOS 11. So its likely that almost anyone will be able to get something back in terms of free storage by installing iOS 11.

Review Large Attachments: Starting from iOS 11, Apple has brought in a new ‘Review Large Attachments’ feature that reviews large attachments and conversations which are inside of a conversation conducted through Apple’s stock Messages app. Once all large conversation have been spotted, it is then possible to delete attachments or entire conversations that are taking too much space and are not important to you anymore.

To access this feature, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and select Review Large Conversation or Review Large Attachments, depending on what you want to review.

5 best ways to save ios 11 storage sapce on iphone and ipad

HFVC and HEIF Media Formats: Apple’s has revamped the media format for iOS 11, which now includes the option to enable HEIF for photos and HEVC for videos. Leaving technical details aside, all you need to know is that when-in-use these new media formats can help you save up to 50% less storage space that photos and videos normally take on an iOS device. This new feature replaces the older media format of the previous iOS versions.

It should be noted that this media format is disabled by default and has to be enabled manually after upgrading to iOS 11. Follow the instructions in this guide to enable HEIF and HEVC media formats on iOS 11 devices.

Auto-Delete Old Messages: Many people don’t know that messages in stock iMessages application take up considerable amount of storage space on iPhone and iPad. The longer the conversation on iMessages app the more storage space it consumes on a device. Moreover, the use of emoji, GIFs, videos and photos has become a normal practice among smartphone users which furthers shrinks the available free storage space.

Starting from iOS 11, a simple turning ON of the toggle switch from Settings app will delete old conversations over a year old to recovery some of the space on your device.

To enable this feature, head over to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and enable Auto Delete Old Conversations.

On iPad, you will find this option going over to Settings > General > iPad Storage.

Offloading Apps on iPhone/iPad: This is another new feature of iOS 11. Apple’s introduction of the new Offloading App feature is one of the best aspects of the latest mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. Previously, users had to manually manage storage on their devices by first finding the content that was no longer needed and then deleting it to recovery storage space. But in iOS 11, it is possible to offload an app when its required, which means deleting the app to release the storage space that it was taking up, while keeping its data and documents safely secure for later use. This way if you decided to reinstall the same app there is no need to reconfigure its previous settings and data, and you will be able to start using it again from where you left it.

Here is everything you need to know about Offloading Apps on iOS 11 and how to use this new feature on iPhone/iPad to save storage space: How to Offload Apps on iOS 11 Devices.

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