Top 10 New Features in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad


Apple recently announced latest version of iOS for iPhone and iPad. It’s been a while since we last encountered landmark changes in the mobile operating system from Apple. But all that has changed with the new iOS 10 mobile software. This new update includes whole host of marked changes, well, 10 major changes to be exact. Here we are going to list top 10 new features of iOS 10 for Apple mobile devices and tell you about out thoughts regarding new changes after extensively testing iOS 10 for iPhone & iPad.

This new iOS 10 update is released for developers only for now. After testing and bug fixes the final complete version will be released with new iPhone devices this fall. All new features listed below are the ones you will get to experience in iOS 10 from September onward.

1 – Siri

Apple is slowly opening up previously strictly controlled and closed mobile OS to developers. Siri can now be access by third-party developers, which means they can modify Siri for their apps. You can now send voice and text messages on social networking apps using Siri. Use Siri to send voice messages on WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and lots of other apps. New Siri allows you to book Uber cars, search photos and more accurate search results via voice commands.

2 – HomeKit

From now onward HomeHit will be a separate app located on the home screen of the iOS device. With this app you can control lights and many other features connected to your house. It acts as security enhancer app as well because with it you can use geofencing supported by other Apple devices including Apple Watch. Let’s suppose you say ‘Siri, Goodnight’, this prepares the entire house for bedtime. Similarly, say ‘Siri, Good Morning’ which prepares the house using user defined settings for the house. You can embed it with lock-screen making it convenient to see connected doorbell or camera on the main door to get notification when the bell rings.

3 – Messages

Texting on iOS 10 now has right text messages support. If you receive a link from someone on your device and tap it then the resulting screen will open all relevant information associated with that link. Text new bigger emoji. Updated text predictor is more smarter and automatically replaces words. If you type car it will turn it into car emoji. New Bubble Effects on iMessage changes gives new animation to blue bubbles on the message app. Now you can write handwritten text messages as well. Additionally, new full screen effects on third Party iMessage apps are coming on Apple App Store because Apple has decided to open the app for outside developers.


4 – Raise to Wake

Android users must be familiar with this feature, now Apple has also introduced it on their devices via iOS 10. Just lift your device to wake it up. On the lock screen you can now see more information containing updates from other applications. You can access Camera app from the lock screen by tapping on the camera icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also set widgets that you want to access from the lock screen in settings, they will appear on the left side of the screen and are just a matter of a simple slide away.

5 – Apple News

Apple News app has received an entirely new look with fresh design. It now displays top stories of the day picked by Apple’s editors. You can subscribe to newspapers, breaking news, magazines, and get instant notifications on a newly looked app.

6 – Photos

Photos app has a new face recognition feature which helps you to categorize and sort people in different pictures in a single album. This males it easier to save picture of a specific person into its own album. You can create as many albums as you like. With this recognition function you can search any image according to scenes just like on Google Photos app. Now you can bundle together photos according to people, trips, location, scene and more.

7 – Widgets

Widgets have been updated to take advantage of 3D Touch system in latest iOS devices. Just tap on the widget using 3D touch to see detailed information from inside the app. Widgets are now integrated with Today screen so that you can see latest updated live data and game scores or game highlights on sports apps or news, social network apps notifications.


8 – Phone

New Phone app now supports Voicemail transcription. You can also see who is calling though VoIP apps by displaying phone numbers replacing ‘unknown number’ calling. If you get a spam call on any app then Phone app automatically registers it as spam number prompting to to ignore it.

9 – Apple Music

Apple Music has new library. New intuitive Radio tabs for your personalized Radio stations. Use new library tab to categorize music according to playlists, artists, albums, songs and more, New ‘Downloaded Music’ section shows content saved on your iPhone and iPad. Opening any song shows its controls and artwork and now lyrics which is a nice new touch given to the app. Tap on ‘Daily Curated Playlists’ to see content chosen for you according to your preferences.

10 – Maps

Maps app gets a complete redesign having new controls and location information. It now gives you automatic suggestion in case you get lost on unfamiliar city or street. The app now gives you recommendations regarding tourists attraction in nearby places, it also displays how long it will take you to get to work. Just Google Maps, Apple Maps displays traffic situation on route, information about the route including blocks for repair work so that you don’t get bog down on your way. New Navigation design now shows food points and gas station locations on your route. Maps app has been opened for third-party developers which makes features like booking Uber ride, or reserving table using OpenTable more fun to use.

All these new changes in iOS 10 have been launched for developers preview version. Beta version is expected to arrive in July with the full and final release for public use with the launch of the new iPhone 7 devices in September.

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