The Nokia 9 To Feature Snapdragon 835, 5.5-inch Display, Iris Scanner, 6GB RAM & 22MP Main Camera Lens – [Rumor]

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Nokia has been on a hot streak recently. The company has several smartphones lined up for release this year to mark the latest comeback in the market it once dominated. Today, a very interesting rumor has surfaced that confirms some of the previously known leaked information about the upcoming Nokia flagship device being dubbed as the Nokia 9 while also rejecting some past rumors. Android market is abuzz with Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone lately, but tech industry just keeps on shifting its focus from one device to another. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset powered smartphone have always been popular among Android users. Samsung and Sony have given us a taste of how latest 10nm Snapdragon 835 performs on a phone. It’s time to check what other devices are about to offer the latest Qualcomm mobile processor and whether it could have a positive impact on the device’s performance or not.

Nokia has been busy this year as the company has several smartphone device to release. The highly anticipated Nokia 9 hasn’t been the center of rumors of late, but today this has all changed. See below what new reports are claiming about the upcoming Nokia 9.

The Nokia 9 Will Rock Latest Qulacomm Snapdragon 835, 5.5-Inch Display, 6GB RAM & Lots More

Rumors related to Nokia devices took a back seat in recent weeks as all the spotlight was on the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone launch. But now we are back to the Nokia flagship for 2017. So far, the handful of Nokia phones that have been released so far have mostly been target at low to mid range mobile market. Chinese launch of a new Nokia phone has been a great success. However, there hasn’t been much information regarding the flagship device which everyone is anxiously waiting for. Flagship phones show what the manufacturers are truly capable of in terms of innovation.


A new source has come forward with a information that the Nokia 9 will be the flagship device. This rumor comes with a lot of information regarding the specs of Nokia 9 which is being pegged as the top-end smartphone. According to a new rumor, the main thing that will set Nokia 9 apart from the other smartphone is the Nokia OZO Audio which is designed to provide perfect surround sound experience on earphones by using 3D sound elements. Moreover, there is going to be a four microphones setup to record audio.

When it comes to specs, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor is being tipped for the device. A massive 6GB of RAM is what would you expect from a top quality Android flagship device. A 5.5-inch display with QHD resolution coupled with OLED build panels is expected to feature on the device. In camera department, a 22MP main rear camera and a 12MP front facing camera are going to be the best on a smartphone. The source is claiming that the Carl Zeiss branded camera will feature on the on Nokia 9, which casts some doubt as to the authenticity of this claim. Anyway, moving on the source confidently predicts the presence of Iris scanning technology alongside the traditional fingerprint sensor on the device. A 3000mAh battery and dust and water resistant frame round off this rumor roundup of the Nokia 9. So what are your thoughts on this? Share your views in the comments section below.

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