The HTC Ocean Is Named HTC Ultra, Features 6-Inch Display And No 3.5mm Jack

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Recent HTC Ocean leaks gave a pretty clear indication of what to expect in the upcoming flagship smartphone from HTC. Frequency of rumors related to HTC Oceans has picked up which is sign of the imminent release of the device sooner than we had previously anticipated. According to latest rumors surrounding the device, it’s being claimed that HTC Ocean will be named HTC Ultra with no headphone jack and a sharp 6-inch display. Rumors are also rife that the upcoming HTC flagship smartphone dubbed HTC Ultra has been given the launch date of January 12th.

The HTC Ultra Phone Will Launch On January 12th With 6-inch Display And No 3.5mm Earphone Jack, Claim Latest Reports

The HTC Ultra, previous was being labeled HTC Ocean, will be a successor of the HTC 10 launched in 2015. Let’s take a look at some of the specs of the 2017 flagship device from the Taiwanese tech firm. Tech insiders are claiming that the device will be released in three variants. Given the amount of leaks related to HTC 11/HTC Ocean, now called HTC Ultra, it’s hard to glean the accurate information from the assortment of rumors circulating about the HTC’s next flagship device. Just go to the internet and search for HTC Ultra related news and you will come across an ocean of sites claiming all sorts of things making it extremely difficult to ascertain what to believe and what not.

One of the serial leakers is LIabTooFer, who has been active in the leaks business. Recently he came forward with a bit of an interesting leak claiming that the HTC Ultra will be unveiled on the January 12th with single and dualism modifications. The initial release date was being tipped to be around March, if this claim is true, then we have to say it’s a pretty significant rollback of the launch date by HTC. The company seems eager to make up for the lost ground during the last couple of years in tech industry.

LlabTooFer is also confirming that the device will support dual SIM connectivity, which is a popular choice among mobile users in Far East, Asia, Middle East, and other emerging markets. Some earlier rumors alluded to a possibility that this dual SIM setup in the upcoming HTC smartphones will allow users to use both 3G and 4G LTE enabled SIM cards at the same time.

Another interesting bit that’s being thrown around regarding the 2017 lineup of smartphones from HTC is the absence of 3.5mm earphone jack. Taking a leaf out of Apple’s book, HTC appears to be pursuing the same approach when it comes to earphone jack on their phones.

Further HTC Ultra leaked information provides details about the features and the marketing strategy that’s been decided by HTC. Onleaks rarely miss the mark when it comes to leaking reliable tech information ahead of the new device launch. However, this time Onleaks (Steve) himself is quoting a source rather than owning the leak, which isn’t as credible as Onleaks, therefore, chances of misinformation cannot be discounted. This rumored information claims that the HTC Ocean Note will be marketed as HTC Ultra with a 6-inch display reserved for the flagship model.

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