Sony Xperia Edge Concept Images Give A Glimpse Of Its Stunning Display Without Bezels


It seems we are fast approaching a phase in mobile technology where bezel-less devices will be a norm. As you might have already read in our blog that Xiomi Mi Mix is prepping a phone without bezels in its display. Sharp is not behind in this regard, they are also experimenting and already testing various bezel-less displays in their labs, according to reports. And since Apple is rumored to be in talks with Sharp to deliver the display technology for its next iPhone, we may well see the very first bezel-less iPhone next year. But all that for later, because here out main focus is on the upcoming Sony Xperia Edge device. Latest concept of Sony Xperia Edge has surfaced online, and it shows a device with a jaw-dropping bezel-less display panel. As you can see in the image share here, there is no bezel surrounding the display of Sony Xperia Edge device.

Sony Xperia Edge Concept Art Shows A Device Without Bezels Which Appears A Lot Like Sharp’s Corner R

The dominating trend among smartphone manufacturers in the recent years has been finding new ways to make phones slimmer than ever before. This of course comes at a cost of reduced battery life as slimmer devices leave little room for slotting in larger batteries which can hold charging for long hours. But on a positive note, slimmer devices are light weight and east to carry around. But the new emerging trend the seems to be catching the all the headlines in tech industry of late is the bezel-less mobile display concept. It appears the next stage of smartphone rivalry among top tech firms will predominantly based on who can deliver the best bezel less device, which not only looks great but remains sturdy enough to keep the device safe in case its drops or slips out the hands.


Samsung is also among the manufacturers that is rumored to be working on bezel-less Galaxy lineup of devices. Although, we predict the for complete bezel-less display hasn’t arrived yet, as we may still see bezel in the bottom side of mobile devices for home/Touch ID buttons. However, all recent trends are pointing towards a future smartphones without any bezel whatsoever on any side of the display panel.

Back on the concept images of Sony Xperia Edge, as you can see that the device still has bezel remaining in the bottom corner. Concept also demonstrates that the device will come with two rear cameras with dual lens setup just like in Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, as well as a single front camera at the bottom which explains why we still see bezels in the bottom end of the device. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix sports ceramic display which is a more scratch resistant technology that the Gorilla Glass 4.


But just like any other aspect of smartphone technology, creating scratch resistant device will leave the room open for the device getting damaged easily as it also renders the device extremely vulnerable damages even with the slightest contact with hard objects. I am sure tech firm know all about it, that creating a device that can have a bezel-less scratch resistant technology but at the same time durable enough to withstand nudges and contacts.

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