Snapdragon 835 Powered Xiaomi Mi6 Smashes Benchmark Scores

xiaomi mi6 benchmark test scores leaked

Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 and Mi Max were well received at the time of their launch back in 2016. Both devices proved to be a hit among fans of Android device with preference for a device of decent specs at a reasonable price point. The Mi Note 2 is also available in global LTE variant for international market. The success of previous two devices must have put pressure on Xiaomi to ensure that their followup not only matches the devices launched last year in terms of widespread appeal but also outclass them when it comes to specs. And with the new Mi6 smartphone, Xiaomi might just have accomplished that, if leaked benchmark scores are to be believed. Although, the Xiaomi Mi6 hasn’t been released yet, but it has managed already managed to raised level of expectations with the latest benchmark scores that have been leaked on the internet. Here is the detail regarding the alleged benchmark scores of the upcoming Mi6 smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi6 Alleged Benchmark Scores Obliterate Previous AnTuTu’s Benchmark Records

As you can see in the leaked image shared below (originally posted by MyDrivers) all the details regarding the performance of the Mi6 hardware across various benchmark tests suggest a beast of a smartphone. A benchmark score of over 200,000 points shows that the Mi6 device is surely coming with a Snapdragon 835 process as no other processor technology comes closer to registering such lofty benchmark scores. It also points towards a possibility that the device must be sporting 6GB of RAM, corroborating previous leaked information regarding the device’s specs.

If we compare these alleged benchmark scores of Xiaomi Mi6 to those of Apple’s iPhone 5, the latter only managed to accumulate 180,000 points on the same benchmark test despite housing Apple’s latest A10 Fusion SoC chipset with 3GB RAM. These benchmark scores of 200,000 by Mi6 indicate that the device has better performing specs compared to Apple iPhone as well as many other Android powered flagship smartphones. Xiaomi is expecting to release its flagship Mi6 later in 2017. But with this latest leak of benchmark scores which appear to confirm that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6 absolutely destroys rival devices in terms of raw synthetic benchmark scores.

We may have a powerful smartphone on your hands in the back end of 2017. Moreover, the Mi6 device is being tipped to possess a dual-curved display with high screen to body ratio. There are no confirmed reports available yet as to whether the Mi6 will be released with no bezels at all like the Mi Mix. If that’s the case, we will let you know about it here at RazinTech, so stay tuned.

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