Sideloading Apps On Your Apple TV 4K – No Jailbreak Method


Apple TV 4K users often find themselves constrained to using only the officially available apps on their device’s app store. There is a vast world of apps out there waiting to be explored and use on Apple TV 4K. It you want to take your Apple TV experience to a whole new level, you will find the below guide extremely useful to install third-party applications. So let’s learn how to sideload App IPA/DEB files on Apple TV 4K and tvOS 11 or later without jailbreak.

The Apple TV 4K has been one of Apple’s best selling devices. It is a complete media box that provides entertainment at amazing quality. Apple TV’s app store boasts a wide range of applications to enhance user experience. These applications cater to users of all ages and tastes. Like Google’s Chromecast, it delivers stunning 4K + HDR video and content. However, if your favorite app is not available on Apple TV’s App Store, there is a way to sideload them on your tvOS device. In the steps below, you’ll learn how to sideload third-party apps on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV 4 device.

Step 1 – It goes without saying that you must first connect your Apple TV 4K device with Xcode on your Mac. For neophytes, we have described the wireless connection method in this guide: How To Connect Apple TV 4K to Xcode Wirelessly.

Step 2 – Now run Xcode tool on your MAC. To get the UDID of the connected Apple TV unit, go to Windows > Devices and Simulators from menu bar of Xcode. Also, copy the text next to “Identifier” label to avoid errors.

Step 3 – You will need to have an account with for your Apple TV 4K in order to sign third-party applications.

Step 4 – Go to the Apple Developer Site, navigate to Account > Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section.

Step 5 – Click on the + button. Next, under the “Register Device’ section, enter the device name and UDID in the required fields.

Step 6 – After that, you need to create a new tvOS project within Xcode for MAC. Make sure to add your Apple ID to Xcode. If you are using a free developer account, it needs to be resign/re-load apps after every 7 days. Users of a paid developer accounts can use the signed app for up to a year before needing to resign it.

Step 7 – In Xcode, click on the dropdown menu next to Team option and select your Apple Developer Account. Now wait as Xcode goes about its business of creating a provisional profile and signing certificate.

Step 8 – Next, grab the .DEB file of any app that you wish to sideload on Apple TV.

Step 9 – You will also need the iOS App Signer package. Download it here.

Step 10 – After installing the iOS App Signer tool, launch it and follow on-screen instructions. Upload desired .DEB file in the required field on the App Signer and wait for it to turn it into an IPA file format for sideloading purpose. Make sure to select the right Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile, as in Xcode, and then hit Start button to generate the IPA file.

Step 11 – Once the signed IPA file is ready, click on Windows > Devices and Simulators from Xcode menu. Then, click + button and select the IPA file.

Step 12 – If the Xcode is properly connected to the Apple TV 4K device wirelessly, it will start the process of installing the app on it.

Step 13 – That’s all. You can access the newly installed app in the Installed Apps section of Xcode.

Now, go to the home screen of your Apple TV where you will be able to access the sideloaded app.

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