Sharp’s US-Made OLED Display Panels Could Feature on iPhone 8


Another day and here we are with yet another iPhone 8 rumor. Apple’s iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are featuring often in recent tech rumors and leaks, which is entirely unsurprising as many tech analysts are predicting most fierce showdown between Samsung and Apple yet to attract maximum number of customers to their flagship phones. So far, most iPhone 8 rumors have been linked to the internal specs, this is the first one that is mainly related to the physical design of rumored iPhone 8 phone. If we are to believe this rumors, expect more than on variant of the iPhone 8 phone. Display design of iPhone 8 could be different for alleged models of the next Apple flagship device. Interestingly, curved OLED display may feature for the first time in iPhone 8.

According to Rumors, Apple iPhone 8 Aluminum Frame will come with Glass Body wrapped around it and Sharp’s OLED Display Panel with a Curve

As per a source with a history of reliable Apple leaks in the past, the upcoming flagship the iPhone 8 will feature an OLED display rather than traditional LTPS. OnePlus mobile users will be familiar with LTPS displays. We are guessing, high-end iPhone 8 model will feature curved glass OLED display made in US by Sharp. Apple is finally ready to embrace a change in the display technology for its iPhone devices. Xiaomi Mi Mix has already showed us that bezel-less displays can be a hit among users and look attractive at the same time.

iPhone 8 models could feature a premium glass body. Although, no one, has been able to ascertain the veracity of this claim so far, but if it does indeed turn out to be real, we are in for a treat. On a cautious note, we would suggest that you take this rumor with a grain of salt.


One thing which seems almost written on stone is Apple’s iPhone 8 will be a complete change when it comes to device design to mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone. Although, some rumors have hinted otherwise, but we can say it fairly confidently that Apple would want to celebrate iPhone’s 10 year anniversary by delivering a device with a new design.

New iPhone 8, or whatever Apple decides to call it, will come without headphone jack. Wireless charging may make its way in any iPhone for the first time ever. Apple resisted the use of OLED panels for iPhones so far because the company believe that they are oversaturated, but recent rumors are indicating that Apple is ready to change its course on this front. For now, Sharp seems a front-runner to provide OLED panels for iPhone 8, nothing can said with absolute certainty as Apple may partner with more than one manufacturer for display panels.

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