Set up ‘Infinity Wallpaper’ on your Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+


Samsung launched latest Galaxy flagship smartphones just a few days ago. We have already provided a detailed overview of specs, price and release date along with all the information you need to know as to when the Galaxy S8/S8+ will be available across the globe. Samsung calls the display on its top-end mobile device, the Infinity Edge display, because of almost non-existent edges on the sides of the front panel. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ also come with the famous Infinity Edge display, which is the first thing you will notice when you lay your eyes upon the screen. And to maximize the impact of this display, Samsung has also brought a new Infinity Wallpaper for the Galaxy S8 Infinity display. As opposed to what you might be accustomed to on other Android devices, setting an Infinity Wallpaper on Galaxy S8 requires setting up an integrated home screen, lock screen and always-on display. See below how to use this new feature to set up Infinity Wallpaper on Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8 has a pre-installed Samsung Themes app from where you can access the new Infinity Wallpaper. Head over to this app and select a bundle of Wallpaper. Yes, you read it correctly, it’s a bundle, because in one bundle come three different live wallpapers – one is for home screen, the other for lock screen, and the third one for the always-on display.

All that is required of you is to select your preferred bundle of Infinity Wallpaper in the Samsung Theme app. After setting it, when you wake up your device, you will see the Always-On display wallpaper. Press the virtual home button (new soft key on S8) to go to the lock screen, which will then bring up the next set of wallpaper. And if your device is locked, use any method you have set to unlock your device (swipe, iris scanner, fingerprint), this will show the final wallpaper on the screen.

In the first wallpaper you will see a minimalist image with a star field shown in pixelated resolution along with a color filled background. The next wallpaper has a geometric figure, and finally you see a in the last layer of wallpaper a sharper color contrasted image that is adorned with a background of animated stars.


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