Seagate is Launching Xbox One 512 GB SSD Drive


Seagate has announced that is launching Xbox One supported SSD drive in a few weeks time. Most players prefer to purchase games online due to the convenience it offer, you get the latest version of your favorite game without having to go to a game store to purchase physical game DVD. However, download digital version of your games requires lots of hard disk space. Unfortunately, most consoles these days don’t offer enough internet storage space to save all the games you like. Although buying game DVD saves you from the concern of storage space, but they are prone to damage, or you can misplace them, and can get easily damaged. Which makes buying and saving games digitally makes a lot more sense. But soon many players find themselves running out of storage space to keep all their favorite titles on one device. All those players can heave a sigh of relief, because Seagate has come to their rescue. The company recently announced that it is launching Xbox One exclusive 512 GB SSD storage drive.

You can now save more and more digital games on Xbox One using a new Seagate driver launching soon. There is no need to delete previous games to make room for downloading new digital games, as this new Seagate Xbox One SSD Drive offers ample 512 GB storage space. Seagate SSD drive supports all Xbox One game formats. The new Seagate 512 GBB SDD drive works with Xbox One and Xbox One S game consoles. Not only it will help you to save storage space on gaming consoles, games also takes less time to load when run straight from the solid state drive.

Slow-loading screens are for newbs. Built for elite gamers, the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD uses flash storage to help you decimate game load times and get into the action quicker. Designed exclusively for Xbox®, it lets you store the hottest titles in one thin and ultra-portable drive.

Load games faster and transition quicker between levels
Store 15+ games1 and more downloadable content
Plug-and-play setup gets you up and playing in seconds
Compact size and no power cable makes it perfect for your living room or bringing to a friend’s house

Seagate has a history of releasing games for consoles. It has already released 2TB and 4TB external hard drives for Microsoft home console to save digital games. You will be able to grab the Seagate SSD drive for Xbox One in a matter of a few weeks at a price of $200. Seagate stated that the SSD drive will come with an USB 3.0 cable and a quick installation guide.

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