Samsung’s Note 7 Investigation Finds Battery Flaw As The Main Culprit

samsung finds battery was the real reason behind note 7 catching fire

The Fault In Our Batteries: Samsung has finally concluded its investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 devices catching fire issue. Today the company made public the results of the findings in which it declared battery flaws to be the main reason behind Note 7 exploding unexpectedly.

Samsung Finds Defective Battery Was The Main Reason Behind The Galaxy Note 7 Catching Fire

The Galaxy Note 7  was the most popular device of the last year. Samsung was on course to shatter sales records left, right and center. However, the most anticipated launch of last year soon turned into an unmitigated disaster for Samsung when reports starting surface the Galaxy Note 7 devices suddenly exploding, in some cases causing flight getting delayed, houses burning down, and resulting in other similar unseemly incidents. Samsung offered replacement devices to the effective users, even recalled the complete batch of Note 7 devices and claimed the issue had been fixed only to find that even the replacement devices are prone to exploding out of the blue, which eventually forced the company to take the ultimate step of rolling back the entire lineup of Galaxy Note 7 from around the world. According to latest reports, Samsung has managed to take off staggering 96% of Galaxy Note 7 devices from the markets globally.

Samsung has concluded official investigation in collaboration with independent investigators to find the real cause behind the Note 7 catching fire. According to Reuters, Samsung has found battery to be the prime reason for ill-fated Galaxy Note 7’s demise. Investigations revealed that the devices whose batteries were supplied by Samsung SDI were vulnerable to exploding, while the devices with non-Samsung SDI batteries were safe for use. Reports further state that the full transcript containing details of the investigation will be made public on January 23rd.

The results of the investigation will likely be announced on Jan. 23, a day before it announces detailed fourth-quarter earnings results, said the person, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter and declined to be identified.

Battery design flaws such as limited ventilation space for heat exhaustion inside the compressed chassis ultimately led to the affected devices catching fire. This issue reached critical level when battery got overheated due to heavy device usage or overcharging. But these are all unofficial reasons, we will have to wait for the detailed revelation of the findings of the investigation by Samsung next week to know for sure what caused the Note 7 devices catching fire.

Samsung had to suffer huge financial and public perception losses in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 explosion episode. The company is trying to right the wrong with the Galaxy S8. Samsung has even pushed back the usual launch date for its annual major smartphone release as the company wants to take its time testing to ensure the upcoming flagship device doesn’t meet the same fate which embraced its previous Note 7 device.

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