Samsung’s Lineup Of QLED 4K TVs Are Now Available On Sale… At An Exorbitant Price


Samsung’s TVs are world famous for their picture quality and stunningly detailed displays, that offer the best immersive viewing experience than most other rival products. Samsung unveiled latest lineup of its QLED TVs at CES 2017 back in January. The South Korean tech giant showed off three new models, and released a statement claiming that these new QLED 4k TVs will herald “a new era in home entertainment in QLED TV.” But the company didn’t reveal at what price these ‘futuristic TV’ sets will be able for purchase. Well, the shroud of secrecy over the price has been lifted at long last. Samsung has released official price for QLED TV series, and it’s going to cost your a fortune.

Starting Price of Samsung QLED 4K TVs is Set at Whopping $2,500

Samsung proudly exhibited its new lineup of QLED TVs capable of deliver sharp 4K resolution output at CES 2017. The tech giant couldn’t stop singing praises of the new TV lineup, and went on to claim that these TVs feature improved picture quality and enhance color reproduction with brightness levels remaining consistent even when viewing screens from the widest angles. Samsung is pitting its QLED TV lineup against those of Sony and LG TVs.

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LG’s new TV sets were also on display at CES 2017, where the company confidently proclaimed that its TV’s have an advanced Nano Cell Color Technology that leaves Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology in the dust when it comes to delivery sharp picture and color contrast from any angle.

Samsung was having none of LG’s lofty claims, and issued a statement in response, saying, “Samsung’s QLED TVs deliver today’s most remarkable picture, with stunning brightness, the deepest black levels, and most of all, pure and rich colors, thanks to our new Quantum dot technology.” Samsung is also differentiating its TV sets from aesthetic point of view in the form of a non-discernible connection cable, which helps you connect TV sets with various devices without cables and wires creating a mess in your living room.


Samsung has left LG behind when it comes to launching its TV sets. We haven’t heard anything regarding the launch date since LG unveiled its TVs at CES 2017. Although, some reports are suggesting that LG will offer its TV lineup for sale around April or May of this year.

Now, back to our main topic, i.e., the price of the Samsung QLED 4K TVs. According to officially released prices by Samsung, QLED TVs with 4K display will be available in three variants: The Q9 (flagship), Q8 and Q7. Starting price is whopping $2,499.99 and increases all the way up to staggering $6,000. This is almost $500 more than the last year’s model of similar models of LG TVs, though, LG is also allegedly increasing the price for this year’s models.

Here’s a list of all officially released prices of the Samsung QLED 4K TV Sets:

55-inch QN55Q7F flat panel 4K – $2,499.99

65-inch QN65Q7F flat panel – $3,499.99

75-inch QN55Q7F flat panel – $5,999.99

55-inch QN55Q8C curved panel 4k – $3,499.99

65-inch QN65Q8C curved panel 4K – $4,499.99

Flagship Q9 – No Price Details Available Yet

Samsung QLED TV sets are open up for pre-orders on Samsung, Amazon, and Best Buy. Shipping date, as mentioned on online retail sites, varies from late February to March for different models.

So, what do are your views on the Samsung QLED TVs and their price? Do their specs warrant such a lofty price tag? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And do discuss if you happen to know more on this story, which you think we missed out on mentioned in the article above.

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