Samsung Will Supply The NAND, DRAM & OLED For iPhone 8

samsung to provide oled dram and nand for iphone 8 next year

Apple and Samsung share a lukewarm relationship that’s not been without its ups and downs. Both vie for domination in tech industry, but at the same time work with each other to help bring new devices for their customers. Apple and Samsung hold a substantial share of the high-end smartphone market; you can say they’ve got top-end mobile market cornered. Recently another lawsuit between Apple and Samsung got settled in the court of law. This development means that Samsung can once again resume supplying component for Apple’s iPhone. These two tech giants don’t exactly see eye to eye with each other, both sue each other regularly, but also work with each other in tandem to bring out new devices in the market. Here are the details on what the latest lawsuit settlement means for the upcoming iPhone 8 phone.

Apple And Samsung Settle Another Patent Dispute In Court And Are Ready To Go Back To Mutually Agreeable Terms

Samsung has been one of the major suppliers of iPhone components in the past. This trend got disrupted for the iPhone 7 due to a protracted court battle between Apple and Samsung over patent issues. Samsung only supplied a solitary component for the iPhone 7, and that component was the DRAM chip used in Apple’s iPhone 7.

Samsung couldn’t participate in the manufacturing of the A10 Fusion chipset. Unlike the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus whose processors were provided by both Samsung and TSMC, the trend changed for the iPhone 7 when TSMC got the better of Samsung by winning out a contract from Apple to produce processors as the sole supplier because of InFO processors. The InFo processors are known for shrinking the area between the PCB and the processor, which allows for manufacturing lighter and slimmer device.

TSMC is expected to stay as the processor supplier for iPhone 8, but Samsung is also not far behind this time around as the Korean tech giant is rumored to supply lot more than a mere DRAM for iPhone 8. As you might have probably heard in the rumors that the iPhone 8 will be a radically revamped iPhone device which will bring many novice features, including Apple’s move to OLED panel as main device display. Apple is currently using the same old IPS LCD screen panels on its iPhone.

samsung to provide oled dram and nand for iphone 8

Apple’s move to OLED means Samsung is in the pole position to secure a lucrative deal with Apple for supplying OLED panel for iPhone 8. This news shouldn’t come as a surprise since Samsung is world famous for producing the best OLED display panels. Samsung will supply OLED for iPhone 8 mainly due to their quality and the large capacity required to manufacture them on such a large scale.

Samsung will also provide NAND modules for Apple’s iPhone 8 in the coming year, which is in addition to OLED panels. Samsung decided to take a break from providing module units for iPhone 7 as the company was busy in expanding its factory’s capacity to commence wide-scale production and to meet high demand orders at half the time required. This means, we are back to the old trend of Samsung supplied DRAM, NAND modules, and now the new OLED panels for iPhone 8.

If recent happenings in tech industry are analyzed carefully, it can be said with near certainty that this coming together of part-friends & part-foes isn’t going to last much longer. Foxconn remains Apple’s prime manufacturing partner who has recently invested a substantial amount of money on acquiring Sharp. However, Sharp under Foxconn won’t be fully operational until 2018. Therefore, Apple decided to go back to Samsung for iPhone 8 manufacturing. But from 2018 onward Apple is expected to control almost all aspects of iPhone display panel production. Since the iPhone manufacturer is also being heavily tipped to be working on a new Micro-LED display screens for future iPhone devices, there are lots of interesting developments in store for us. So stay tuned for further developments in that regard as we will keep bringing latest updates on the matter. What are your thoughts on this news? Share with us in comments section.

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