Samsung Will Soon Lift The Curtain On Reasons Behind Galaxy Note 7 Explosions


You might have heard of now infamous Galaxy Note 7 explosion incidents that prompted suspension of the entire Note 7 series of devices. The Note 7 device for some inexplicable reason started catching fire resulting in exploding devices. Reports of Note 7 getting heated up quickly due to faulty battery picked up, which severely dented Samsung reputations not to mention a multi billions dollar financial loss that the company had to bear due to global recall of the Note 7 devices. Samsung has set up a fact finding committee which is entrusted with a task of find the core reason behind the Note 7 explosions. The company has announced that it will soon disclose real reason that caused explosions in Note 7 devices.

Samsung Hasn’t Provided Any Official Reason As To Why Note 7 Devices Exploded, But This May Change As The Tech Firm Has Announced It Will Soon Lift The Lid On The Main Reason

Some reports suggested that Samsung launched the Note 7 well ahead of the schedule in order to pose a stern challenge to the iPhone and to snatch some market share right under Apple nose by launching the device a month before iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As things transpire, the strategy backfired spectacularly as rushed Note 7 devices started catching fire, which is not entirely surprising for a half-baked device. If recent reports are to be believed, Samsung is about to reach the end of its Note 7 probe, and soon the explanation is going to be provided most likely before the year end.

The outcome of the probe will serve in increasing the understanding about the smartphone batteries, what causes issues in them, and how to better manufacture batteries in future so that the unfortunate battery explosion issue doesn’t repeat itself. When the first few cases of exploding Note 7 surfaced, Samsung replaced the Samsung SDI batteries in Note 7 with China’s ATL batteries, but the problem remained, which prompted global recall of the Note 7.

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