Samsung Will Reportedly Give Galaxy Note 7 Owners a Free Galaxy S8


In what appears to be a spectacular and one of its kind move in tech industry, Samsung is about to pull off what seems unimaginable for many other tech firms; it is reportedly set to offer free Galaxy S8 smartphones to the owners of faulty Galaxy Note 7 devices. Samsung’s upcoming rumored Galaxy S8 flagship device is expected to launch next February or Marsh and could allegedly be released without 3.5mm headphone jack like in the Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus phones. Note 7 users, who until today must have counted themselves among the most unfortunate smartphone users, can now rejoice in the comfort of this amazing news, which if true, would mean they may get their hands on shiny new Galaxy S8 smartphone without spending a dime, as Samsung appears willing to compensate for Note 7 users’ ordeal in the form of free unit of its next flagship phone.

According to a New Report Galaxy Note 7 will Get a Free Galaxy S8 Phone from Samsung

According to a source, Samsung officials have issued a statement in which they have hinted at a free Galaxy S8 giveaway to affected Note 7 Users when its upcoming flagship is released next year:

“The new compensation program is designed to make it easier for those who exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with existing Samsung smartphones, to shift into our next model coming in next year.”

Samsung official went on to say that the Galaxy S8 free giveaway program also includes those Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge owners who exchanged their devices for defective Galaxy Note 7. However, what remains unclear is whether these customer will get the new S8 device for free or for some upfront token fee. Things should be more clear in this regard in coming weeks.

Samsung hasn’t shed any spotlight on further developments regarding its upcoming Galaxy S8 devices, which if rumors are true may launch in three variants, and this means that the company is still in the process of contemplating on the ways to calm the discontented customers, recuperate from the Note 7 catastrophe, and turn the company’s embattled ship back to the revenue generating ways with alluring Galaxy S8 offers and discounts.

However, according to Reuters news agency, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users who upgraded to Note 7, will still be required to pay 50 percent of the Galaxy S8’s final price. Question of how and on what conditions this Galaxy S8 discount will work remains unanswered by Samsung. Our best guess is you will need to show some valid proof of purchase to be eligible for the discounted offer. This seems like a bitter sweet deal since customers will be required to pay a certain amount for Galaxy S8 even though they already bore full cost of their defective Note 7 device. Also, it should be noted that this offer currently stands for only South Korean customer. What sort of Galaxy S8 policy Samsung adopts to compensate the US customer base is anyone’s guess for now.

On the other hand,  work on the Galaxy S8 firmware is already in progress. The next Samsung flagship is said to come with a dual camera setup, two screen sizes with the larger variant having 4K resolution and Iris Scanner technology. If alleged rumors regarding the Galaxy S8 hardware do indeed turn out to be true, we can safely predict that Samsung could mount a stern challenge to Apple iPhone next year.

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