Samsung Semiconductor Production Plan Unveiled, Here’s Are The Details


Samsung has released important information about its semiconductor production plans along with schedule of the 4nm and 7nm risk production that is likely to commence by 2020 for the former and 2018 for the latter. This future roadmap of the semiconductor production plan gives a glimpse into Samsung‘s intentions of entering semiconductor manufacturing, which could possibly have seismic impact on the industry. It’s a well known fact that Samsung doesn’t lack in resources. The company’s financial clout gives it levy to divest in other market segments of the tech industry. The South Korean tech giant has already established its supremacy over its rivals when it comes to the mass production of OLED panels and curved displays. And now it has released information about its plans for semiconductor technology.

Samsung’s Plans For Semiconductor Manufacturing Have Been Announced In The Form Of A Schedule; 4nm and 7nm Production Likely To Finish By 2020

Mobile processors and node manufacturing scene is about to take a huge turn. This year we saw Snapdragon 835 processors ushered the smartphone industry into the new age of power consumption and processing. Qualcomm’s latest chipset is based on 10nm FinFET, which gave it a significant boost in terms of performance compared to the last year’s counterpart. However, when in it comes to smartphones, power consumption takes precedence over power these days. Which makes the 10nm stand out from the rest enough the Samsung Exynos 8895 outperformed the Snapdragon 835 in a recent benchmark test.

Samsung intends to take processor manufacturing to a new level to get its chips ready to handle whatever future smartphones will throw at it. Rumors are rife with predictions that we might see first 7nm processor from the company sometime next year. Samsung schedule of processor manufacturing gives information about the next three year timeline. As you can see in the image below, the 7nm risk production will start next year, 5nm and 6nm to enter production in 2019, and finally the 4nm set to finish by 2020.

samsung semiconductor manufacturing schedule

Kelvin Low, Samsung marketing director, said “Our roadmap is full of hope and ambition, because Samsung is not just planning these new process processes, but at these point in time really can achieve the scheduled plan.” If scheduled 7nm semiconductor manufacturing being by the next year, we can be certain that some great new avenues will be opened in the smartphone business in terms of performance. What are your views on Samsung timeline of semiconductor manufacturing? Share in comments section below.

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