Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Almost Matches The Galaxy S7 Performace Based On Benchmark Scores

leaked benchmark scores of samsung galaxy tab s3

Benchmark scores of the upcoming Galaxy Tab S3 are in and they are a treat for all those who have been anxiously waiting for Samsung’s Android powered tablet. Until recently, most rumors swiveling around the Tab S3 specs were suggesting that the tablet will be powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, which indicates that Samsung is taking tablet market as seriously as its smartphone business. Now a benchmark list detailing the information you need to know about the specs and price of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has been leaked. Specs wise the upcoming tablet device is presenting a decent picture as it points to a device which rivals the all powerful Galaxy S7 smartphone in terms of performance levels. This also makes the Tab S3 far ahead of any previous tablet device manufactured by Samsung. The tablet device will hit the shelves sometimes this year. Here’s are the details.

Leaked Benchmark Scores Re Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Show The Device To Be Almost As Powerful As The Samsung Galaxy S7

According to the leaked benchmark sheet released by Tablet Monkeys, the Galaxy Tab S3 would feature UFS 2.0 storage together with faster LPDDR4 RAM. The model number being linked with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is SM-T825. The device is being tipped to feature an LTE modem. Importantly, the Galaxy Tab S3 is going to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which also powers the Galaxy S7 smartphone. 4GB of RAM in the Tab S3 is a significant improvement over the previous tablets produced by Samsung. Just like in the Galaxy S7, the Tab S3 has embedded a 2.5 UFS storage support with LPDDR4 RAM architecture, which is super fast technology.

Samsung is planning to launch the Tab S3 in two variant: one with cellular connectivity and the other one without cellular connection option. As you can see in the image of the leaked benchmark sheet shared below, the Galaxy Tab S3 has specs comparable to those of Galaxy S7 smartphone, which is an impressive feat for an Android tablet. Tablet market is showing the signs of slowing down in recent years, which opens up a window of opportunity for Samsung to produce a device that users in tablets market crave for in order to snatch market share away from rival brands. The Galaxy Tab S3 offers 32GB of storage with an option to expand storage via external microSD card like in previous Android tablets. Screen size of 9.6-inches is decent enough for a tablet device.

galaxy tab s3 v galaxy s7 benchmark scores

12.9MP camera with 4K recording capability is another great addition in the Galaxy Tab S3, and is truly amazing for a tablet considering it’s even better than the camera on the Galaxy S7 handset. The tablet also offers 18 GB/s bandwidth speed, which is really impressive as it even eclipses the 17.8 GB/s bandwidth speed of the Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Samsung is taking tablet business as seriously as the mobile market, which should be a good news for the fans of Android tablets, as they will get better tablet devices with high-end specs compared to many other Android tablets currently available in the market. Packed with specs similar to those of the Galaxy S7 phone, Samsung is delivering same level of performance this time on a tablet device with larger screen size.

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