Samsung Galaxy S8 To Launch In The Week Of April 17th With AirPod Like Wireless Earbuds, 2K Resolution & Fingerprint Sensor – [Rumors]

samsung galaxy s8 rumored specs, release date and rendered images

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first major smartphone launch of 2017. As we are getting closer to the alleged launch date, more and more rumors regarding the device are surfacing on the internet. Here, we are going to discuss the rumors related to the possible launch date and feature of the upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone device from Samsung. So, let’s get started, shall we.

Samsung Galaxy S8  Rumors Roundup:

Samsung smartphone always garner special interest before eventual launch. Rumor mill constantly churns out tidbits regarding the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone to keep up the excitement levels. The next flagship device from Samsung, which is being dubbed as Galaxy S8, is the hot topic in rumors mill these days. According to latest claims, the device will be launched later than the usual release date for Galaxy devices, as Samsung doesn’t want to leave anything to chance in terms of device quality and stability to avoid the fate that afflicted its previous flop device the Galaxy Note 7.

Release Date:

According to a rumor that graced the web recently, shows that the device will be released in the week of April 17th, which is at least a month late than the usual device release. This claim is being made by sources privy to Samsung in South Korea. According to an anonymous source, ““Samsung Electronics has confirmed that the release schedule has been set in mid-April, possibly in the third week.”

Samsung posted record sales number earlier this month, which brushed aside the speculations that the company will struggle to recovery from the catastrophic Galaxy Note 7 global recall. With the new device on the horizon, omens seem to be pointing to even better sales figures for the second quarter of the this year.

Wireless Earbuds:

Another round of rumors related to the Galaxy S8 hint at the Apple Airpod like wireless earbuds to be unveiled along with the smartphone. As we have already seen in recent rumors, that Samsung may not abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack in the Galaxy S8 phone after all, which leaves the room open for wired headphone connectivity, claim sources. But Samsung is going a step further, along with offering a possibility of wired connection via headphone jack, the company is also working on launching wireless earbuds similar to Apple’s AirPods to herald a new wireless connectivity era for Galaxy smartphones.

Nothing is known regarding the specs and design of the rumored wireless earbuds for Samsung Galaxy S8. It remains to be seen how different will Samsung’s offering be in connection to the Apple AirPod. Will Samsung embed Apple Wi like chip inside its wireless earbuds or goes with something different? We don’t have a definitive answer yet. Apple Wi Chip is the main reason AirPods can wirelessly connect with multiple devices at once with a single tap of a button on it.

As you might already be familiar that wireless earphones is not a new thing for Samsung. The company launched the Gear IconX wireless earphones back in 2016.

2K Resolution:

In order to make up for the disastrous launch of its previous Note 7 device, Samsung seems adamant to deliver something truly special to woo customers and critics alike in its upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone. According to reported emanating out of some sources, Samsung hasn’t placed any order for 4K display panels for Galaxy S8. Previously, it was being alleged that Samsung will unveil the upcoming Galaxy S8 device with a 4K display, a dual camera setup, and more.

On a positive note, Samsung hasn’t placed orders for physical home button either, which portend towards a device with embedded home button. If this turns out to be true, we may actually see a home button housed inside the display panel capable of responding via physical touch sensors.

Galaxy S8 Renders:

Finally, we are going to leave you with the render images for the Galaxy S8 smartphone, courtesy Venya Geskin. As you can see in the images, the device may feature a bezel less design and a touch sensitive home button. Top and bottom bezels seem smaller than the ones on previous Galaxy smartphone devices, which will allow for more screen real-estate.



Wrap Up

Whether all the rumored features and design changes being thrown around in the rumor mill will actually make their way into the official Samsung Galaxy S8 or not, only time will tell. For now, we can only guess and speculate on the Galaxy S8 features.

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