Samsung Galaxy S8+ Teardown Shows Same Battery Specs As On Note 7 – But Is it Safe?

galaxy s8 teardown ifixit

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones will be available for purchase in selected markets started from tomorrow. Those who have managed to get their hands on the Galaxy S8 phones already started examining different specifications to highlight potential loopholes. If you remember, Samsung launched its new phones on the back of disastrous Galaxy Note 7 launched that was marred by battery explosion incidents. But a latest report shows that teardown of the Galaxy S8+ model has revealed a device powered by the same battery which was present in the Note 7. This gives rise to an important question – if it’s the same battery which caused Note 7 explosions – how can we be sure that it won’t happen again?

The Galaxy S8+ is the larger of the two new Samsung flagship phones with a 6.2-inch display enough to house a 3500mAh battery. iFixit team has been able to achieve a device teardown which showed something very interesting inside the device.

The Galaxy S8+ Battery Has Identical Specs To The One On The Note 7 All The Way Down To The Cells Used In It & Voltage Rating

Before examining the finding of the iFixit team regarding the battery used in the Galaxy S8+, it’s important to mention here that you should stay away from dissembling your Galaxy S8/S8+ yourself because not only the glass and metal frame of the device makes it extremely taxing to pop out the hood of the smartphone, the glue used to keep borders in place needs to removed first as well. And if you reassemble the device after tearing it down, don’t expect the IP68 water-resistant rating to be effective anymore.


Back to the teardown, the iFixit team has given an unimpressive 4 out 10 rating to the new Galaxy S8+ in terms of repairability. Reasons for this low score are mentioned below.

Beside low repair score, the team which conducted Galaxy S8+ teardown also noticed something interesting inside the device. The Galaxy S8+ specs show a 3500mAh battery, which you might remember has the same capacity as on the Galaxy Note 7 battery. Not only that, it’s matches even down to the voltage rating. In other terms, the Galaxy S8+ has a 13.48Wh cell with 3500mAh rating at 3.85V, which is the exact same score as on the battery found on Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


However, what makes the battery on the Galaxy S8+ safe compared to the one on the Note 7 is the primary component which caused explosions in the latter have been testing using the advanced safety checks instituted by Samsung in the aftermath of the Note 7 global recall. And it seems safety measures have worked well for the company because no device issue has surfaced yet. Share your views on this revelation in the comments section below.

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