Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Price, Specs, And Release Date Confirmed

samsung galaxy s8 and s8+ specs, price and release data

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have been officially unveiled by the South Korean electronic giant. If you are out looking for a new Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus smartphone, you might want to read this post as we are going provide you with all the information you need to know about the hardware specs, pricing, and that date at which both handsets will be available for purchase from various outlets in different regions.

May 9 has been set as the official release date of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, at least that’s what online retailer Best Buy is offering in the US. It’s still a long way away but you can reserve pre-order as the first batch of both models is expected to run out shortly after it becomes available for sale. Currently Best Buy is taking orders with shipping date starting from May 9. Listing on Best Buy’s web site shows preorders for unlocked handsets starts May 9th, which will be a month after the pre-orders for the carrier-locked phones begin.

After months of rumors, Samsung has finally revealed its much awaited lineup of flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, in a launch event yesterday. Much is riding on the success of the S8/S8+ as Samsung tries to recover from the unfortunate global recall of previous Galaxy Note 7 device. As usual, true to its reputation of being a trailblazer in Android smartphones market, Samsung is leading the way once again when it comes to introducing unique features in the latest flagship devices, which will be eventually copied by other manufacturer sooner or later.


Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ Specs & Features:

This brings us to the specs and features of the new smartphones. Although, due to regular tech leaks and rumors, most of the specs and features of yet-to-be-released devices are mostly known to everyone ahead of devices’ launch, but still those who are not familiar with such prior leaked reports can find out all the main information regarding the specs and features here.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are widely considered as the best in the market, at least on the Android side. And in the new models, the company hasn’t disappointed in display department. Both phone variants come with an awesome display that covers the almost entire front panel from edge-to-edge barring very thin top and bottom bezels.

The Infinity Display of the Galaxy smartphone outperforms Apple’s iPhone Retina display. Apple says the iPhone display is called Retina display because you cannot see individual pixels with your naked eye. On the other hand, Samsung’s reason behind naming the screen on its top-end devices the Infinity Display is due to the design that hoodwinks you to think that there no virtually no bezels. With the removal of home button on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, this makes even more sense now.

Samsung is claiming that the new handsets are powered by a 10mn processor that will give significant boost in speed and efficiency, and is the first time any such processor can be found in a smartphone. Both models support LTE as well as WiFi, which the ability to download at a speed of up to 1Gbps, which is perfect as the Samsung handsets are the first ever to be certified by the UHD Alliance as Mobile HDR Premium. To put it in simple words, it means you will be able to enjoy movies and videos in exactly the same resolution and colors that directors and video makers originally intended during the shoot.

galaxy s8 image

Both new models of the Galaxy smartphones contain features that you would expect in a top modern phone: IP68 water and dust resistance body, MicroSD card slot to expand memory storage up to 256GB, always-on display feature, and wireless charging to name the few. Android 7.0 stock Nougat firmware comes pre-installed out-of-the-box with Samsung’s own TouchWiz skin and Galaxy exclusive features on top of it. There is also a new Samsung virtual assistant tool called Bixby in both models. A 4GB of RAM and a Duel lens 12-megapixel main back-end to go with an 8MP front facing camera setup rocks both variants. The S8 comes with a 5.8-inch display and the S8+ has a bigger 5.2-inch display. The Galaxy S8 runs on a 3000mAh battery and the S8 Plus is powered by a 3500mAh battery. Fingerprint sensor is present on both devices but its located on the back of the mobile. Moreover, Iris and facial recognition system provide added security.

Check out a complete list of all official features of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in the image below:

samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus official hardware specs

Added Features:

Beside the above mentioned hardware specs, Samsung brings in lots of extra support in the form of accessories and software features. The Gear VR Controller can be unlocked with new Galaxy phones to watch virtual reality content in even better display and added features. Samsung Connect is also making its way into both new phones in order to give a smooth user experience when managing multiple smart devices. New Samsung DeX Dock accessory gives desktop experience on new Samsung phones when you connect them to an external display via Bluetooth, WiFi, or mobile data network; wired connection option is also available. Also arriving is a list of new Samsung accessories, which you can find on the official company web page.

Release Date:

Pre-orders start today, Match 30th. Samsung is also offering a free Oculus headset and controller to those who pre-order right now, which is a brilliant move to goad customers to order early and reserve their device before all units of the initial batch get sold out. Shipment is expected to be around April 21st. In the US, shipment starts from May 9 for those who order on Best Buy. Shipment date may vary for different retailers, so check before you order.


The price for 64GB Galaxy S8 is set at $750, and $850 is the cost of the Galaxy S8+ 64GB variant. Both devices are available in Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Maple Gold, and Coral Blue colors.

But on Best Buy, the prices of both S8 and S8+ are slightely less than the original retail price of the carrier locked variants. You can pre-order both handsets on Best Buy at:

  • Unlocked Galaxy S8 – $724.99
  • Unlocked Galaxy S8+ – $824.99


Unlocked models have an advantage over those that are sold with carrier contracts in a way they give users a complete freedom over how they use their device, there are no bloatware on an unlocked model, and usually unlocked variant is snappier than those that come locked with network carrier. But the ultimate choice is yours. We are here just to make suggestions and offer advise.

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