Samsung Galaxy S8 Reportedly Being Launched in Two Variants with Larger Displays


The Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors are heating up with every passing week and our guess is Galaxy S8 leaks and news are only going to increase as we get ever so close to the scheduled launch of the next flagship devices from Samsung in February 2017. Latest round of rumors suggest that the next Galaxy S8 device will actually be launched in two different screen sizes like the currency Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge, but with larger displays than the currency Samsung flagships. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is being tipped to come with a same screen size as the now dead Galaxy Note 7 device, at least on one of the two models.

Sources behind this rumor can be traced back to South Korea, the same place where Samsung’s headquarter is located, so we can say there may be some truth in these claims. Some suggest that the screen sizes in upcoming Galaxy S8 will be increased to 5.7-inches and 6.2-inches. Samsung is known for manufacturing devices with larger display sizes, which gives credence to the claims behind the alleged new display sizes of the next Samsung flagship.

As we saw last month, Samsung was forced to recall its Note 7 devices from the markets across the world following the infamous explosion incidents, and has now completely abandoned the Note 7 lineup while taking approx. over $2 billion hit in the process. This has put Samsung under enormous pressure to deliver big time with its next set of smartphone devices, otherwise Apple is expected to runaway with the show with iPhone 8 in 2017. Some lucky, rather unlucky, Note 7 users may get their hands on a Galaxy S8 for free or on a discounted price, according to some latest news.

Therefore, a move to launch the next Galaxy S8 with the same 5.7-inch screen size as the Note 7 can be seen an attempt on Samsung’s behalf to appease disgruntled Note 7 owners, or prospected buyers.

However, there is another screen size that’s being predicted for the Galaxy S8; it may also come with another 6.2-inch display model with added hardware power and exclusive firmware features to make the device stand out from the other Samsung devices.

If past is any indicator, we can say with near certainty that users will welcome these two screen sizes on Galaxy S8, just like they did with older Samsung devices when they broke traditional screen size pattern on the smartphones of their time. Like Xiaomi Mi Mix, the Galaxy S8 could be unveiled with an edge-to-edge display without any bezel.

On the resolution front, the Galaxy S8 will support 2K to 4K video recording and resolution, making way for the advancement in the overall VR experience. Dual-lens setup is almost a certainty, albeit only on the 6.2-inch model. Also, the Galaxy S8 may hold a distinction of being the first ever high-end Samsung phone without the 3.5mm headphone jack.

So what are your thoughts on this latest Samsung Galaxy S8 rumor? Share with us in the comments section below. We will keep bringing all the latest and hottest Galaxy S8 leaks & Rumors as soon as they hit the news waves, so stay tuned.

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