Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Gold Leaked Images Show A Working Device – See Here!


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ official release is just around the corner but someone has managed to get his/her hands on a fully working gold colored model of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and posted pictures of a working device online. Here are the leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and what it means for those who are planning to buy the device when it finally becomes available for purchase later this month or earlier next month.

The frequency with which the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus leaked images are appearing online, it renders official launch event, to be held later this month, a mere confirmation of what’s already been shown to millions of internet users around the world. A Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus device in gold color has been leaked with images showing an operational device.

Images Of First Ever Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus In Gold Color Have Hit The Internet

We have already come across a rumored report by tipster Roland Quandt that Samsung is all set to release its next lineup of flagship smartphones in three colors: silver, black and violet.

However, today’s leaked images have thrown a bit of a surprise to be honest. No one guessed or predicted that there is another color of the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus that’s been planned for release by Samsung.

New leaked images of Galaxy S8+ have surfaced online that showcase a device in gold color. In terms of looks and style, the gold color Galaxy S8 Plus in latest leaks resemble devices already seen in earlier leaked images. You can see a dual camera setup on the front panel neighboring a host of sensors.

The latest leaks also corroborate earlier claims of a button-less front panel of the device. The screen is curved on the edges. Top and bottom bezels are extremely thin as are visible on the images. Gold color of Galaxy S8 Plus looks impressive in the pictures.

It’s not surprising to see Samsung adding more colors to flagship devices, we have grown accustomed to seeing the same old device colors on the high-end Galaxy phones. It was time for a much needed change in that department.

We can also see in the leaked images that a gold colored Galaxy S8 is placed next to a white color variant. Both devices appear to be on and working in the leaked images. It has to be said that the interface look pretty slick largely due to the absence of the home button on the front panel.


Sadly, leaked images don’t show back-end of the device. But we do have some idea as to what to expect at the back end of the device. Previous leaks have discussed a presence of a fingerprint sensor at the rare of the Galaxy S8 models alongside the camera lens.

In the end, these latest leaks show a good looking device with a great front panel having an array of sensors at the top bezel. Which is a welcoming departure from the Samsung Galaxy models of yesteryear. Samsung successfully managed to avoid the revenue and PR fallout which was expected after the botched Galaxy Note 7 launch. The company needs to retain the same momentum with the successful launch of its upcoming flagship phones to cast away the bad memories of its recent major product failure. What are your thoughts on these leaked images? Do share in the comments section below.

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