Samsung Galaxy S8 Model Numbers G950FXXU0APLH & G955FXXU0APLH Enter Testing In China

samsung starts testing galaxy s8 and s8 plus in china

With the eventual launch of the upcoming flagship devices from Samsung just around the corner, rumors and leaked information are surfacing thick and fast. Just recently an alleged leaked images of the Galaxy S8 was posted online, and now latest reports indicate that Samsung has started testing its next high-end smartphones in China. With every passing week, we are getting to know something new about the next Galaxy flagship devices thanks to rumors and leaks. Here are the details on the latest developments.

Just like the previous Galaxy flagship phones, Samsung is releasing the device in two variants, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge, according to reports. Hot on the heels of the Note 7 global recall due the device exploding unexpectedly, Samsung is trying to put the memories of the unfortunate product launch behind by working harder to manufacture incident-proof device. Samsung is leaving nothing to chance this time around with Galaxy S8 as the company seems to have decided on broadening the testing before launching it in order to forestall the occurrence of defects that forced the company to abandon an entire lineup of its previous ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 phablet.

Samsung Begins Testing Galaxy S8 In China

The Galaxy S8 has been the subject of great many rumors of late. Most leaks are indicating towards a feature packed device with quality design and high-end specs. The device is expected to run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor to handle enhanced display quality and powerful processing tasks. Qualcomm itself is trying to recover from botched Snapdragon 810 processor that encountered issues soon after its launch. Qualcomm terminated the Snapdragon 810 processor series and replaced it with the Snapdragon 820 featuring custom cores. And the latest Snapdragon 835, which is yet to be released, is based on new Kryo 280 CPU.

Now a new report is claiming that Samsung Galaxy S8 powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 has entered testing in China. Samsung hasn’t made the official names of its upcoming flagship devices public yet. But this report is claiming that new fresh lineup of Galaxy smartphone will most likely be named the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus. Both devices are expected to be launched side by side rather than a few months apart.

Both variants of Galaxy S8 are bring tested in China at the time of this writing. The Galaxy S8 is dubbed as G9500ZCU0APLF and the Galaxy S8 Plus as G9550ZCU0APLF. These were the model numbers of the domestic variants of the upcoming Galaxy device. Samsung is also testing the international variants in China as well. The international variant of the Galaxy S8 is dubbed as G950FXXU0APLH and the Galaxy S8 Plus as G955FXXU0APLH by Samsung. The source of this claim, as can be seen in the image of its tweet above, is new as far as tech leaks are concerned. But Samsung’s past record suggests that it usually tests its yearly lineup of refreshed flagship devices around this time.

Moreover, the Galaxy S8 will feature two screen sizes. One device of which is going to be an out-an-out top of the line device being called the Galaxy S8 Plus powered by Snapdragon 835, Edged display screen, a virtual home button, more powerful camera and much more. Share you view on this story in the comments below.

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