Samsung Galaxy S8 May Be Released Sooner Than We Think


Samsung is in hot waters these days due to its Galaxy Note 7 battery issue, but that’s not preventing rumors from swiveling about the company’s next flagship smartphone for 2017, the Galaxy S8. We already know from rumors that Galaxy S8 is expected to arrive with a dual edge panel and in two screen sizes. Samsung’s decision to move the release data of its upcoming Galaxy S8 phone can be seen as an attempt to control the damage that’s been done by disastrous Note 7 launch.

We recently discovered that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is being termed internally as the Dream and Dream 2, according to SamMobile. These may be the possible codenames given by Samsung to its next lineup of major phone devices. Dream handset is set to carry the model number SM-950, and the Dream 2 has SM-G955 model number.

One thing you might have noticed in the model number above that they lack the number 4 as the digit 4 is considered a sign of bad luck in South Korea, such actions are hardly surprising in a society where major firmly believes in superstitions. In the past, Samsung’s set pattern of device model numbers mostly carried an increment of 10 between model numbers. Like the Galaxy S7 has the model number SM-G930 and by that reckoning the Galaxy S8 should have been SM-G940.

On the design front and hardware feature of the Galaxy S8, it seems like Samsung is taking a leaf out of Apple’s book. Apple ditches 3.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which Samsung is planning to copy in its Galaxy S8 device, according to Digital Music News. Samsung is allegedly working on its own propriety headphone jack which the company may license off to other Android manufacturers. Samsung’s rationale behind exporting propriety headphone jack to other manufacturers may be that it wants other companies to use it on their devices, and making adoption of new port easier and faster on new devices.

As far as the release of the Galaxy S8 is concerned, we have see the device come out sooner than many had anticipated. With this move, Samsung is trying to recovery the money lost on the global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Kim San-pyo, the analyst at KB Investment & Securities told The Korea Herald (via BGR), “If Samsung’s flagship smartphone launch is delayed to the end of the first quarter of the next year, the profitability of the mobile business division could be worsened next year.” He further added, “Regardless of the sales resumption, an earlier launch of a new flagship model seems to be the most realistic solution with the current recall crisis.”

In other words, Samsung would have to launch a new device to take the sting out of the Note 7 recall. On the flip side, rushing a new device like Galaxy S8 could also backfire as the changes of defects would also increase with it.

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