Samsung Galaxy S8 Image Leaked Again, Showing A Thin Bezel Device With Curved Edges And No Home Button

galaxy s8 leaked image, specs, price, and rumors

Another image of the upcoming flagship device from Samsung has been leaked on the internet. Samsung’s upcoming smartphone is being called the Galaxy S8 by industry insiders and analysts, which can only be confirmed when the South Korean tech giant will allegedly release it in March. As is the case with every Samsung flagship device release, rumors and leaks regarding devices’ specs, prices, design, images, and more start to pop up on the internet. Virtually every aspect of the Galaxy S8 has been leaked on the internet so far. We have seen leaks regarding hardware specifications, software choice, device design, release date, and what not. Some reports are claiming the device will be launched without bezels, yet other sources appear confident that the bezel will be present at the top and bottom end of the device but will be a lot slimmer than in the flagship Galaxy devices of the past. Today a new leaked image appeared on the internet showing alleged Galaxy S8 device. Here are the details.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 New Image Leaked Online Along With Reports On the Specs, Price, And Features

According to tipster @Riccolo, the Galaxy S8 will be unveiled on March 29th rather than April as claimed by some previous rumors, and certainly not at the usual Samsung Launch event at WMC. The reason is not hard to understand as the company is trying to leave nothing to chance when it comes to ensuring the its next flagship device doesn’t meet the same fate as the previous Note 7 device. The Note 7 disaster cost the company billions of dollars in lost revenue. Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the upcoming Galaxy S8 is its prices. If the rumored $849 price by @Riccolo for high-end models does indeed turn out to be true, it will certainly not please Samsung Galaxy fans who have been waiting for the device. With this alleged price, Samsung is looking to recover some of the the money lost after the Note 7 global recall. This appears to be the price of the unlock variant. Nothing is known regarding the prices of the carrier locked models of the Galaxy S8. Although @Riccolo goes on to say that the device will indeed appear at the WMC, but it won’t be unveiled publicly. Samsung will show it to a handful of journalists and selected people at WMC with the full final public release date allegedly scheduled for April 17th or April 24th.

Now back to the leaked image of the upcoming Galaxy S8, which was uploaded by the other day. We saw some leaked images a couple of days ago, but those were dismissed by sources claiming that they were photoshopped. However, this new leaked image of the Galaxy S8 looks genuine. Running on Snapdragon 835 processor along with a 6GB of RAM, this device will be a powerhouse in every sense of the word. See the image below.


As you can see in the leaked image, there is a Samsung logo at the bottom. Absence of a physical home button is conspicuous, which appears to be replaced by a virtual home button, most probably. Iris Scanner, which made its debut in the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, is also making its way in the Galaxy S8. Bezels on the sides are nowhere to be seen with curved edged display seemingly dominating the sides of the device. Top and bottom bezels are slimmer than in previous Galaxy models. The device is expected to launch in two variants without a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 5 technology, according to unofficial sources. Although the company’s chief did point to the possible features of the next Galaxy S8 device, which may be released in two variants, but nothing can be confirmed until the eventual launch. Do share your views on these rumors and leaked image in the comments below.

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