Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Images & Video Leaked

s8 active leaked image

Samsung Galaxy S8 followup device is nearing its release. The new phone, according to sources, is being called the Galaxy S8 Active. Samsung appears to be carrying on with its traditional release of a secondary smartphone immediately on the back of the launch of its yearly flagship device refresh. Samsung’s first Active variant of its flagship phone was released for the Galaxy S4 back in 2013, and since then the South Korean tech giant carried on with the same trend. The Active phones differ mainly in build quality with their strong and sturdy body material while sharing the same inner hardware specs with the flagship Galaxy phones. Today, we got hold of the alleged leaked images and video of Samsung Galaxy S8 Active smartphone in all its glory. Take a look for yourself.

Busy smartphone release season is upon us as major phone manufacturers are gearing up to release their latest handsets to the market. Apple’s iPhone 8 is expected to follow the usual September timeline. Samsung seems on course to release its own Active variant of the Galaxy S8 phone, not to mention the imminent Galaxy Note 8 launch as well. Note 8 rumors suggest late August launch date. There is another Galaxy device that has its own niche and that is the Active lineup of Galaxy phones for those who prefer rigid phone body and design for rough use.

galaxy s8 active leaked images

The Galaxy S8 Active may not stir the pond like other flagship devices from Samsung but it’s an important device for the company with substantial market share nonetheless. New leaked images and a short video showing the S8 Active phone have surfaced online. Although the video was removed shortly, but TechDroid recorded it and later re-uploaded it on YouTube.

The Galaxy Active smartphone tends to be a rugged version of the the flagship Galaxy S mobiles. Last year we saw the Galaxy S7 Active, and this year the Galaxy S8 Active is on its way. The Galaxy S8 has a beautiful design, but despite being well built the device may not be appropriate for rough use as it could damage the surface by leaving scratches on it.

As you can see in the alleged leaked images of the Galaxy S8 Active that it does appear to be legit. However, there is one slight change that can be easily spotted in the images that the Active variant has a flat screen rather than the one with the curved edges on the flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ models.

Moreover, the battery is being claimed to be a 4000mAh, which is full 1000mAh more than the Galaxy S8 battery and 500mAh more than the one on the Galaxy S8+ device.

Samsung has officially announced its intentions of releasing the Galaxy S8 Active phone without giving specific details about the exact launch date. For more, visit source page.

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