Samsung Galaxy S5 Stuck At Boot Screen? Here’s How To Fix It

fix boot screen stuck on galaxy s5

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps getting stuck at the boot animation logo or boot screen, then this is the solution you should apply to fix Galaxy S5 stuck issue. Smartphone screen getting frozen at the boot screen where the device just shows only the manufacturer’s boot animation logo is a common problem on Samsung phones, especially on the Galaxy S5 mobile. This is a serious issue because when your phone is stuck at the boot screen you cannot use it in any way as it fails to load the system firmware.

When the boot screen is stuck, the phone only shows the Samsung logo and just when you thing that it is about to load into the main firmware, it starts all over again indefinitely until your device can no longer cope with it and shuts down automatically to prevent serious harm or when you remove the battery. When this happens, it means your phone is in soft-bricked state.

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Main culprit behind this issue is the faulty installation of a custom ROM or firmware. Your device can also enter soft-brick or bootloop when you flash an incompatible app, tools, tweak or MOD. We have discussed solutions to common problems on Android, see if that helps. Otherwise follow the instructions in this guide to learn how to fix a soft-bricked Samsung Galaxy S5 easily. There are two ways to fix the Samsung Galaxy S5 stuck at the Samsung boot logo screen.

1 – Factory Reset Galaxy S5

First of all, try to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S5 when enters in a soft brick state. Factory reset becomes necessary in case of incorrect installation of a custom ROM because it corrupts the system files and stops your phone from working normally. Here are the steps to perform factory reset on your Galaxy S5.

1 – Power off your phone.

2 – Press and hold the Volume UP + Home + Power buttons together and keep them pressed until your phone boots up.

3 – Release the keys when your mobile enters into recovery mode.

4 – In recovery, select “Wipe data/factory reset” option.

5 – Wait for the process to complete and reboot it.

That’s it. Hopefully this will fix boot screen stuck issue on your Samsung Galaxy S5. If not, see the next solution.

2 – Flash Stock Firmware on Galaxy S5

Another way to fix the Galaxy S5 Stuck at boot animation screen is to install official stock firmware. Keep in mind that flashing a stock firmware, just like in the above factory reset method, deletes all data and apps from your device. So create a full backup of your device before installing official firmware on your S5. Installing a stock firmware is easy. Download ODIN, and see our guide on how to flash stock firmware on Galaxy S5 using Odin.

These two solutions have proven to be useful for fixing the Samsung Galaxy S5 stuck on boot screen issue. For more help, send questions in comments below.

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