Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs, Price, Features, And Release Date

galaxy note 8 release date specs price and news

Samsung has officially confirmed that the Note 8 is indeed on its way. The South Korean electronic behemoth has set the date of August 23 for the launch event to be held in New York where its next flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 8, will be unveiled to the world. Here is everything you need to know about the next Galaxy Note device, so that you have all the required information before making that all-important purchase decision.

A new image (shown below) surfaced online that depicts alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from all sides. As you can see, the device has black color. Moreover, the back-end shows that there will be a dual-camera setup with the fingerprint sensor slotted alongside it. The phablet doesn’t seem to be having any side bezels. Rounded corners are also on display.

galaxy note 8 alleged leaked image

Samsung appears to have put behind the woes of last year’s disastrous Note 7 release, which resulted in global recall of the entire batch that also contributed to substantial financial loss for the company. But, even Note 7’s incident couldn’t put a significant dent on the company’s reputation as many had feared or predicted. Samsung went on to smash its previous sales records in the succeeding quarters on the back of massive demand for its flagship devices at the time, the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge. However, Samsung knows it can’t keep getting away with faulty products forever. With the Galaxy Note 8, its looks adamant to put out a thumping statement that the Note lineup of Galaxy devices is here to stay.

galaxy note 8 renders

Work on the Galaxy Note 8 (Baikal) started earlier this year. It is being rumored that many features of the currency Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be integrated in the Note 8 to a varying degree. For instance, reports are suggesting that the next device will feature a new design language for the software, the same one introduced first in the S8 & S8+ models. Besides, many hardware, software, and build-design features on the upcoming phablet will be in the close proximity of the current generation of flagship Galaxy smartphones. So, let’s have a rundown of all the Galaxy Note 8 rumors and leaks up until now to have a better idea about what sort of device is expected from Samsung.

Galaxy Note 8 Specs, Features, Price, News, Release Date, And Much More

We are going to take you through the different aspects of the Note 8 as appeared in different leaks and rumored reports from various sources.

Galaxy Note 8 Display

First thing first, there is no doubt that the display is the heart of any smartphone and the first thing that can convince or discourage someone from purchasing that device. When it comes to the display department, the Galaxy Note 8 allegedly features a 6.3-inch UHD / 4K display with rounded corners on the side and super thin bezels on top and bottom of the front-facing screen. We are not expecting any flat surface display to feature on the Note 8 since Samsung launches most high-end Galaxy devices with rounded edges these days. Furthermore, we can gather from the leaked screen protector image below that the aspect-ratio is to be 16:9 with infinity edge display.

galaxy note 8 leaked screen protector

The Note 8 is being tipped to be Samsung’s first ever 4K touch-screen enabled smartphone.

Galaxy Note 8 Features

It’s not surprising to see reports of Bixby being the default voice assistant on the Note 8. External microSD card slot will be equipped to help users expand the storage for saving and accessing content that the internal memory can no longer hold. Hints of the USB type-C connector slot have also surfaced online. And, of course, who can forget the S-Pen, which has become a part and parcel of the Galaxy Note devices over the years. So, expect an S-Pen to be there inside the shinny new box. Both water and dust resistant technologies are almost certain.

Galaxy Note 8 Design

Design-wise, the Note 8 is expected to carry a lot of the traits from the current generation of the Galaxy S8 smartphones. Absence of the home button will be conspicuous. Although, there are conflicting reports regarding the position of fingerprint sensor on the next phablet; it could be embedded either on the front or at the back, but most likely it will be on the back-end just beside the camera lens. However, many current users of the Galaxy S8 devices are voicing their grievance over the location of fingerprint sensor as it requires a bit of stretching of hands to reach out and tap on it. And since the Note 8 will be even bigger device, reaching fingerprint sensor at the back-end could get even more taxing for some.

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Galaxy Note 8 Camera

Apple first introduced dual-lens setup with its iPhone 7S, and now, according to an analyst named Kuo who works for reliable tech source, KGI Securities, Samsung looks set to introduce its first ever dual-camera setup on a Galaxy device. The source further claimed that the Note 8’s camera will feature 12 MP wide-angle CIS supported 2PD and 12 MP telephoto CIS, dual 6P lens as well as OIS technology. Almost 3X optical zoom is also being thrown around in the rumor mill.


Galaxy Note 8 Hardware

Taking stock of all recent trend in Galaxy phones, the Note 8 is on course to feature Exynos 8895 or the Snapdragon 835 chipset. A 6GB RAM figure is also doing rounds in the rumor mill. Internal storage is likely to be available in 64GB or 128G capacity. Some leaked reports are of the view that the battery of 3300mAh is housed inside the chassis.

samsung note 8 exynos render

Galaxy Note 8 Firmware

Now this one is interesting. Google’s next major Android software for smartphone, named Android Oreo (Android O), is still a few months away from official release. And as the Galaxy S8 Note happens to be just a matter of weeks away from launch, its almost certain that it will be powered by Android 7.1.1 Nougat at the time of release in late August. Android O for Note 8 should start arriving around Christmas time.

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Galaxy Note 8 Price & Release Date

Last but not the least, let’s share some news on perhaps the most important bit of information regarding the Note 8 for some, i.e., its price. Like mentioned above, the device will be unveiled at a launch event in New York on August 23rd. The Note 8 will be available to public for purchase sometime in September. Judging from the past pricing patterns of the Galaxy Note devices, it could cost around $900-$1000, depending on foreign exchange rate in different countries the price could be more or less around the suggested figure.

As always, we will keep you posted on all the latest developments about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as soon as they arrive, so stay tuned for more.

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