Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner Technology’s Latest Images Leaked


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch is just a few weeks away. There is a lot of buzz around many new features that are expected to be the part of latest flagship device from Samsung and none has attracted more attention than new Iris Scanner Technology in Galaxy Note 7. Here we have brought latest images of upcoming Iris Scanner technology in Galaxy Note 7.



As you can see in images that Iris Scanner will require you to hold the phone at shoulder level at an arm’s length and stare at two circles on the screen. Just under the scanner on the screen you see a pattern to unlock the Iris scanner screen. But then again these are just leaks and rumors, how the actual thing works still remains to be seen.

These are just rumors and can’t be believed with absolute certainty, however, sources of these leaked images is well reputed in tech circles for leaking reliable information. Keep watching this space for all latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 new, views, reviews, leaks and rumors.

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