Samsung Discloses The Findings Of Its Investigation Into The Galaxy Note 7 Exploding Incidents

samsung galaxy note 7 battery explosion news

Samsung has officially released the results of investigations to find out the main reason that caused now abandoned Galaxy Note 7 phablet to suddenly catch fire. Well, actually, there are two reasons, according to the South Korean tech company, that afflicted the Note 7 device on the onset. Here are the findings of the Samsung’s investigation detailing why the Note 7 was prone to exploding unexpectedly.

Samsung Blames Battery Design Fault And Hurried Manufacturing That Ultimately Doomed The Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 was to be the best smartphone of 2016. Samsung’s flagship was being tipped as the best Android and overall phone of the last year before the official launch. But things soon took a nosedive after the official release when the incidents of the Note 7 going up in smokes started surfacing with startling regularity. Soon network carriers cancelled the sales of Note 7 device and asked Samsung to fix the issue before the can ponder upon resuming sales, which was followed by Samsung killing its Note 7 lineup.

After spending months on investigating the real issue behind Galaxy Note 7 explosions, Samsung has finally made its findings public. According to the investigation results, there were two issues at play that cause the Note 7 battery to overheat and catch fire. According to Samsung, the first battery flaw was linked to the actual design which resulted in short circuit. This prompted Samsung to recall Note 7 and re-release it with replacement batteries, but they too started exploding due to the way battery was welded which caused some cell missing in the insulation tape. Reason for replacement battery also catching fire was that the company rushed with the release of replacement units without properly testing the batteries.

Samsung also revealed that the initial batch of the Note 7 devices had small chassis which left little room for the battery to exhaust heat, which caused it to quickly overheat and explode in the end.

In an interview with Recode, the head of the Samsung mobile division DJ Koh said:

It was a very painful period, but in a couple of months we learned a lot. I wish [that] this serves as an opportunity to improve safety of lithium-ion not only for Samsung but for the entire industry.

Here is the official 8 point battery check that Samsung is recommending for all its future devices so that users can quickly find out whether the battery is safe from harm or could cause potentially dangerous issues. This 8 point guide serves as a manual and check that users can refer to make sure no repeat of the Note 7 like battery defect with Samsung manufactured Galaxy Devices happens in the future.

8 point safety check for samsung phones

Samsung has also released a graphical illustration of the process which resulted in the Note 7 battery going up in smokes. This is intended to make it easier for anyone to understand the real reason behind Note 7 battery explosions without digging deep into the technical details.


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