Restore Warranty on any Android Device


Millions around the world prefer Android devices because they can be used for installing tweaks, MODs, custom firmware, kernels, recoveries, and enable root access to customize device according to each user’s liking. But tinkering with the firmware as well as original settings also result in the warranty of Android devices getting null and void as manufacturers refuse to entertain the terms of warranty if users installed unauthorized apps or firmware and it resulted in device getting damaged.

Tweaking Android device using non-approved customization tools for enhancing device performance, increasing speed, and unlocking full processor power is not recommended by Android device manufacturers for security reasons. Therefore, warranty becomes void when you perform customization operations and device gets bricked or damaged. You will not be able claim warranty or a replacement device for free.

However, thankfully, on Android devices you can easily restore the warranty. If you are wondering how so then we have the answer below. In this tutorial, we are going to talk about what sort of tasks can void the Android device warranty, then we will see why these operations cause the warranty to nullify and what can be done to prevent it from happening. And finally, we are going to show you how to restore the warranty on any Android device.

What Voids the Warranty on Android Devices ?

Before we begin to explore the ways to reclaim the Android device warranty, it is important to point out what causes warranty to go null and void in the first place. All Android phones come with locked system, meaning their bootloader is locked so that user cannot tinker with the file system that could lead to serious performance issues and ultimately render device useless. Similarly, Android devices locked to a network carrier come with some features restricted from access. They are called default factory settings/restrictions. In order to apply customization processes and install from unofficial sources, you must first remove these restrictions which result in the warranty getting null and void.

All you need to know here is that device can only be unlocked if you first unlock its bootloader that makes it possible to install a custom recovery and gain root access after which you will be able to install rooted Android apps, tweaks, custom firmware, images and much more. But this results in losing device warranty in the process.

Why the warranty on Android voids and how to find out if it’s active or not?

Android devices locked to a network carrier have a binary flash counter linked to default settings and restrictions. As soon as a user tries to install an unauthorized item, this binary counter sends a signal to the carrier that an unofficial operation is being performed on a device linked to that network. So, if you unlock bootloader, root, install custom firmware, recovery, tools and apps, the flash counter on your device increases. And when performing a customization tasks using unofficial method results in device getting stuck in a bootloop or if it gets bricked, and you try to restore the default settings to restore warranty for replacement device, this message greets you on the screen: “we can’t help you because the warranty has been voided; at least that is what the binary flash counter is telling us.”

And when this message shows up, it’s time to restore your device back to original settings to reactivate warranty and this is where the instructions given below come into play. Now lets see how to claim the warranty back on Android device.

How to fix Android Device to reclaim the warranty

First thing you should do is to know how fix common issues on Android and then keep reading this to reclaim warranty.

Now restoring warranty requires resetting the flash counter of your Android phone or tablet. And this can be done by restore your device back to factory settings by either downgrading to the stock Android firmware, or update your device to the latest official Android firmware. Other ways to reclaim the warranty involves unrooing your device, or relocking the bootloader. But these may not be as straight forward as downgrading to stock firmware method, so we recommend that you take the easier option and flash the official stock Android software on your device which will bring everything back to normal.

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Now to restore the stock firmware, you cannot simply go to the settings and tap update because official OTA updates notifications are not released for Android devices that have been rooted with custom recovery and firmware installed on them. In such cases, you have to perform manual stock firmware restore process recommended by your device manufacturer. Same manual downgrading to stock firmware process is used to reset the flash counter for reclaiming the warranty. For example, on Samsung devices, you can restore to stock firmware using Odin. Other Android device manufacturers such as Sony, HTC, Motorola and others also offer their own official tools that you can use on PC to restore your device’s stock firmware.

Wrap Up

So, in the end, all you have to know is when you try to gain root access to your device by unlocking bootloader and installing a custom recovery, firmware, or other unofficial apps/tools, it ends up in your device losing the warranty and you can apply for a replacement phone if the current one gets damaged or bricked.

Your best course of action in this situation should be to downgrade/restore official stock Android firmware on your device. For further help and queries, you can reach out to us via comments section below.

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