Reset Google Pixel And Pixel XL – (Best Ways)


Here see how to reset Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone devices. Google’s latest phones were officially unveiled back in October with high-end specs, some amazing Pixel exclusive features. There’s no denying the important of factory reset or hard reset in modern smartphones as it serves as a solution of last resort and guarantees fixing any issue on your mobile if no other solution seems to have been working. After exhausting every other avenue of fixing whatever issue your smartphone is facing, the problem persists, its time to perform the ultimate fix recommended by tech gurus that fixes almost any problem on mobile devices. We’re talking about Factory / hard resetting mobile device. And for the purpose of this guide we will focus on the best methods of how you can manually hard reset Google Pixel & Pixel XL as well as Factory reset Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone to fix any problem if nothing else works. In the Android tip shared below, see two ways of resetting Pixel and Pixel XL devices before taking them to a professional to address the issue.

Do remember that Factory reset and Hard reset are not the same thing. Factory reset wipes out all existing data on your device and restore the original (factory) state. While the hard reset comes handy when the device gets stuck and you can’t access factory reset option. So its advised to create a data backup before factory resetting Pixel and Pixel XL.

Steps To Factory Reset Google / Pixel XL

1 – Open the Settings app on your device.

2 – Navigate to Personal > Backup & reset option.

3 – Next, select Factory data reset > Reset Phone option.

4 – Enter device password if asked and tap on Erase Everything when prompted.

That’s all. Your Pixel or Pixel XL device data along with the internal storage will be removed. Once the process if complete, reboot your device After the device is back to factory condition with the issues fixed as if they never occurred in the first place, you can restore backup to bring the device back to the last working condition.

But sometimes, due to certain errors and bugs, your device may get stuck and it’s not possible to perform Factory reset. In such cases, you can perform hard reset on Pixel and Pixel XL to get the device back to a working condition.

Hard Reset Google Pixel / Pixel XL

Once again, make sure to backup device data before proceeding. Also, its better to keep the device plugged in to a power source for this method.

1 – Power OFF your Pixel or Pixel XL.

2 – Press and hold Volume Down + Power keys simultaneously and keep pressing until the device is back on.

3 – In the recovery mode touchscreen taps don’t work. You need to use Volume keys to navigate through the recovery menu and Power key to make a selection.

4 – Use the Volume Down key until you reach the Recovery mode option and highlight it. Now, press the Power button to enter the device into the recovery. When you see a picture of Android bot logo on the display with an exclamation mark, it means your device is in the recovery mode.

5 – Press and hold the Power button and keep holding it, and then press the Volume UP button once. After that, release the Power button.

6 – Head over to Wipe data/factory reset and use the Power button to select this option. Select YES when prompted to confirm your selection.

7 – When the hard reset process is complete, use the Power key to select Reboot system now option to get back to the normal mode.

That’s all. You have successfully managed to factory / hard reset Google Pixel and Pixel XL to fix any problem it may be facing without needing to take your device to a professional to get it fixed. Share comments below, if factory or hard reset is not working on your device or if you’re having issues performing the above methods.

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