Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Goes Up In Smoke On Southwest Airliner Forced Evacuation But No Major Harm Reported


The unthinkable has happened. What many Samsung die-hart fans, particularly the Company itself, dreaded has materialized; the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device exploded (went up in smokes according to some sources) during a Southwest Airline flight’s boarding, resulting in an immediate evacuation. No major harm is said to have occurred at the site. Here’s what happened.

Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Exploded During The Boarding of Southwest Airline Flight

Samsung issued a global recall of all Galaxy Note 7 device last month amid the frenzy that gripped the company since the incidents of its latest smartphone device started being reported on the media and online forums. At the time of this writing Samsung is in the middle of the replacement phase of defective Galaxy Note 7 including those Note 7 devices that are at the risk of exploding in future. See our guide to find out how to detect Galaxy Note 7 defective battery that could lead to an unfortunate incident of device explosion.

Defective battery is the main culprit behind Galaxy Note 7 explosions, Samsung took cognizant of the grave situation, immediately issued a public apology and promised to replace Galaxy Note 7 devices with faulty batteries. There are two ways you can ascertain a replacement Galaxy Note 7 device. First, on-screen display of replacement Galaxy Note 7 has a green battery logo rather than standard white colored battery icon on all Galaxy phablets, it seems Samsung secured a permission from Google to change the battery icon color on replacement Galaxy Note 7 phablets. Seconds, the box has a black square stamped on it to represent the replacement version of Galaxy Note 7.


Here’s what happened on the Southwest Flight boarding: Another Galaxy Note 7 went up in smoke only this time it was the replacement Note 7 that was supposed to be safe. This first replacement Note 7 exploded when a passenger carrying a replacement Note 7 in his pocket was boarding the Southwest Airline flight 994 in Baltimore’s Louisville International Airport on Wednesday. AT&T delivered the replacement Galaxy Note 7 to the owner who received the device from the network carrier two week back.

When Brian Green, the person whose replacement Note 7 exploded, realized that the smoke was coming out from his pocked where he placed the Galaxy Note 7, he panicked immediately pulled out Note 7 and dropped it on the airplane’s floor. Later on when Brian’s friend went back to collect his luggage, he noticed that the exploded Note 7 had burned right through the floor carpet, which prompted an immediate evacuation of all 75 passengers on board including the crew members.

Luckily plane was stationary and not in the air when the replacement Note 7 went up in smoke, thus, averting a major catastrophe. At the time of emitting smoke, the device was charged to 80% which indicated even the replacement devices’ battery is not safe from harm.

The Galaxy Note 7 phablet looked amazing both design and spec wise when it was launched back in August featuring landmark Iris Scanner, which is the first one on any Phablet. However, marry period soon got interrupted with the news of Note 7 explosions, which sent shock waves all across the globe. Samsung hurried to gather resources needed to assemble replacement Note 7 devices on a short notice. And as this latest incident on the Southwest Airline flight indicate, Samsung has found itself in troubling water yet again, this time the situation more dire and ominous because its the first time a replacement Note 7, which Samsung claims is safe, has exploded.

See the image above of the replacement Note 7’s box, courtesy of The Verge. Do share your Note 7 experience in the comments section.

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