Popcorn Time for iOS without Jailbreak is now Available on Free Install

popcorn time for ios without jailbreak

Popcorn Time is budded as the ‘Netflix of Torrents’. The service was released a few years ago for iOS devices, but initially only those using the jailbroken iOS devices could use it. However, with the latest update, you can get your hands on this interesting tool on any iOS running iPhone or iPad without jailbreak.

Apple is known for quickly plugging loopholes on iOS to prevent the installation of tweaks and tools that are not officially approved by the company. Once blocked, you can only use those tweaks after jailbreaking your device. This happened with SNES and GBA emulator tools when Apple patched the ‘date trick’ gap to block any attempt of using such services on iOS devices. With the release of Popcorn Time for iOS now available on iPhone and iPad using the same method as for similar other tweaks, chances are Apple may put hurdles in the path of running those tweaks on iOS.

Popcorn Time became an instant hit when it was first released back in 2014. What caused this service to become the darling of the iOS users is the availability of a huge library of movies and shows for no free whatsoever. Popcorn Time has been available on Windows and Android platform for a while now. But with the release of the iOS version, the users of iPhone and iPad can also start enjoying same great experience. However, since Apple has extremely tough policies when it comes to approving apps for the App Store, Popcorn Time was feared to available only on jailbroken device.

Fortunately, there is this emulator-enabling date trick that you can used to employ the same method for installing Popcorn Time. Which makes it possible to install the app on iOS devices without having to jailbreak them first.

Popcorn Time, and many other similar apps, are prone to facing tough approval requirement as the content of their apps is questionable on copyright infringement grounds. Despite tight monitoring on apps like Popcorn Time, they continue to pop-up every now and then. Getting a torrent client on iOS is nigh on impossible because of Apple’s stringent policies related to copyright protection.

With SNES emulator, or similar other tools, you can get Popcorn Time app on your iOS device without any jailbreak required. But since Apple is pretty swift in blocking such attempts, this may no longer work on your device. So use it before the app gets blocked by Apple.

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